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Archies Coloring Book Review

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by Archie Superstars
on January 1st 1970
Style: double page printing, Paper: white tradestock
Format: Soft cover

Archie and friends come to life with this fun coloring book illustrated by The Archie Superstars. These are the talented writers and artists who have brought Archie, his friends and his world to life for more than 70 years, from legends such as Dan DeCarlo, Frank Doyle, Harry Lucey, and Bob Montana to recent greats like Dan Parent and many more!

Archies Coloring Book Review

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Archies Coloring Book  Review

Purchasing Archie’s Coloring Book was a sentimental purchase for me.   When I was a kid,  whenever I was sick my stepfather would bring me Archie comic books and lemonade.     Many flus and colds were spent with Archie, Jughead and Betty and Veronica.

I probably identified more with Betty but always wanted to be Veronica lol!      I love these sentimental coloring books that take you back to your childhood and favorite things.     I think as we age we appreciate these simple pleasures a lot more than perhaps we did when we were young.  Mr Muscles also remembers Archie comics fondly and he insisted I order it for him when I first seen it.    He would spend his time in the Summer holidays reading Archie comics on those rainy days at the beach.    In fact, Mr Muscles is not much of a reader at all …limiting himself to the newspaper and of course, Archie comic books!

Cover & Layout

A glossy cover shows the gang on the front cover and Archie and publisher’s blurb on the back.  Although there is some decorate line art the gloss on the cover would make it difficult to color.

Archie’s Coloring Book is smaller sized than most coloring books and it looks like they are trying to replicate the feel of old school comics.    The coloring book measures approximately 27.5 cm x 18.5 cm.

Ancillary Pages

The front page contains a welcome note with contact details on reverse.   This is the only place to test out your mediums.


Illustrations are printed on both sides of  the paper.   The paper is a disappointment being quite thin.  There are no double page scenes but most of the single page scenes do butt against the spine of the book.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

There is a real variety of different types of illustrations in this coloring book for fans fo Archie.      This is to be expected because various artists contribute to the book so there are different styles that reflect that.     You will notice that some illustrations have more solid black incorporated, others have more pattern designs on the image, some come with the word bubble that really brings back fond memories of reading comics.    My favorite illustrations in the book are the comic cover pages.     These of course cover Archie comics but also Sabrina and others as well.       I could just imagine these framed in the coloring cave colored brightly and making me smile.

One of the great things about this coloring book is that the line art is very black, crisp and easy to see.   This is great for colorists that have a minor visual impairment together with a lot of images with large open spaces in them.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Archie’s Coloring Book

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