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Jan 01 - 31 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Fantasy Animals Mania Color Along

It’s no secret that I love coloring animals in fantasy colors. Just look at this artwork. So I would love for you guys to fill Instagram with animals in all sort of crazy colors. Pink lions, green tigers, rainbow flamingos, blue owls. Let your imagination run wild. Theres only 1 rule. Please don’t color the animals in their real colors. NO realism allowed.

This is also the perfect opportunity to open your Millie Marotta books and do her animals as colorful and creative as possible. Her illustrations are simply perfect for this color along as you can add like 15 colors to an animal if you wish 😍

So are you guys ready for the challenge? Of course you are!

Then I would like to welcome you to #fantasyanimalsmania

🦄 Color any type of animal in any color you like EXCEPT for their realistic colors.

🦄 I will be more flexible with animals like birds, butterflies, snakes, fishes as they come in several colors already. But please no pink flamingoes or brown owls. Or if there is a fish or bird that has specific colors please avoid using those

🦄 Tag me so I can share your wonderful entries

🦄 Put the hashtag: #fantasyanimalsmania

🚫 Please no old colorings. Only new ones

🦄 Digital colorings and your own original drawings/artworks are also allowed

⚠️ Important. Check twice that you are writing the hashtag correctly: #fantasyanimalsmania

🦄 You can participate as many times as you like

🦄 Deadline: January 31st

🦄Most importantly. Have fun!

The event is finished.

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