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Yoga Kitties – A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book

Yoga Kitties Adult Coloring Book
Written by coloringqueen
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by Dawn Collins, Blue Star Coloring
Published by Blue Star Coloring Style: single page illustrations
Format: Soft cover

This adult coloring book contains 30 hand-drawn cartoon kitties that twist, stretch and salute in an adorable array of yoga poses.

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Yoga Kitties Coloring Book Review

What a fun concept for an adult coloring book!   Kittens doing yoga!    This is a fun coloring book that just makes me laugh.  The book is published by Blue Star Publishing who have a number of adult coloring books in the market, with various themes.  The illustrations are by Dawn Collins, an independent artist.   The book measures approximately 28cm x 21.5 cm (approximately 11 inches x 8.5 inches)

I love the soft front cover with the vibrant colors and the cute kitty pose.   It just makes me smile!   I’m a also a fan of the simple, naive style designs.   They are not too fiddly for these old eyes 🙂    Fortunately, the cover image is the very first page that you will find in the colouring book.    So many publishers, fail to include the cover art in coloring books nowadays.   Fortunately, Blue Star, being very experienced in the coloring book market included that image straight away.    I would have preferred to see just the kitty image and not the cover title text as well but I guess I can cut that information out with scissors 🙂

Once  you go past the image of the cover art you will find some tips from Blue Star on using your book.   These tips are the same in all the Blue Star books that I have.    Blue Star also request feedback on their books.    This page has a cute kitty to color in on it as well.

Inside, you will find 30 illustrations of  kitties in yoga poses (excluding the cover art image).    There is an image in the book that is very similar to the cover art, but not the same.   The images are nicely centred on the page, allowing a margin all round.     This is handy, if you remove the image to attach to a clipboard you will not get indentations on the art work.    You also will not have the difficulty of trying to color in near the spine of the book.

I love kitties.    So, it’s a natural that I’m going to love a kitty book to colour for grown ups.    The images are all outlined in thick, black.    This makes it easy to see, particularly if you have vision issues.   However, some of the issues have a lot of black in it, which visually I find too much when uncolored.     I love the kitty poses, and I think the artist must have a great sense of humour.     Some of the kitties, however, I find look a little more human that cat like and I would have preferred a more cat like reference.   Some of the kitties have their tail colored solid in black, which I would have preferred to color that in myself.   You will also notice that the majority of the kitty faces look the same.      Some variety I think in breeds and markings would be fun to see in the next book.    No doubt these kitties will be exercising more and maybe doing Pilates or boxing 🙂 Small niggles for a lovely cat coloring book.

The book has been printed on white paper and it appears to be the same sort of thickness as we expect from coloring books in this price range.     If you were very fond of a kitty picture I would photocopy it on cardstock so you could enjoy all your mediums on it.   If you are using the images straight from the book, put some heavy card between the pages to avoid bleeding and marks showing through.   The pages can easily be copied on most home printers as they are standard sizing.   Note, the copying of pages from coloring books should be for your own use only and not for distribution uncolored.

To me, the images, particularly with the solid black lines, are screaming, begging and demanding to be colored with vibrant markers!     I can’t wait to crack open the Bic Mark Its and color in.   I will be copying the image onto cardstock first before I do my coloring.     I much prefer to copy the picture then color in the book.     This is just personal preference,  I color like an enthuisiastic toddler so it is highly likely that I will make a mistake.   Copying the pictures first means that if I mistake, I can simple copy another.

Yoga Kitties Coloring Book Review

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