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Wyspy (Islands) Coloring Book Review

Written by coloringqueen
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by Anita Grabos
Published by Nasza Ksiegarnia on 2015
Format: Card cover, Pad

Wyspy is a nostalgic book that celebrates islands. We see the islands up close in all their quirkiness and topography of the islands. As we move through the book we go from a macro view of the islands to a micro view of how the inhabitants live. If you like to daydream and escape for hours coloring in intricate details that pick up Wyspy and escape.

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Wyspy Coloring Book Review

Wyspy is Polish for Islands and fortunately that is what this cute, naive style coloring book is full of.   The illustrator Anita Grabos has illustrated and authored children’s books previously but this appears to be her first adult coloring book.

The book measures approximately 30 cm x 21cm (approximately 11 3/4 in x 8.5in). It has a lovely matt card cover with a pastel pre print on it. You could color in the cover if you are super keen. There are, however, plenty of detailed images to keep you occupied for hours inside. My book has been printed in Poland.

The cover on the book protects the illustrations inside that are glue bound on the left hand side making them easy to remove.  The paper is white, smooth and very good quality.  It is a medium weight paper and is a lot thicker than most coloring book paper (but is not cardstock).

The illustrations are just gorgeous!  They are my type of illustrations, whimsical, quirky, naive and have a dash of folksy thrown in for good measure.     As most people know, I am rarely a fan of fiddly illustrations (preferring to look rather than color) but I have made an exception for Wyspy.

Wyspy polish coloring book of islands

Wyspy overview of the islands

The illustrations are finely drawn and quite detailed.  Fortunately, the clear black line work makes it easy to see the illustrations.   The line weight is medium and delicate.    I have no problems seeing the lines without my glasses on, which is always a good sign for me 🙂

Wyspy coloring book

Wyspy topography of the island

There are 64 illustrations in total in the book ranging from detailed buildings, lone trees, under the sea to cluttered rooms.   The artist really takes you on a journey with this book, starting with the picture of the island, moving to the nature and seascape of the island, then showing different islands and finally introducing us to the way people live on the island.

Due to the way the book has been bound it lays down perfectly.   Thank goodness for that because the illustrations do run right to the spine for the most part.   Colorists should have no problems at all coloring all of the illustration with ease.

Wyspy polish coloring book

Wyspy – close up of the inhabitants lives

As I’m usually overwhelmed by fiddly bits in coloring books, I made the task of coloring a picture of Wyspy easier for myself by using Inktense for all the larger areas. I used Inktense as a wash for all the larger areas including the water, roads, tree and then colored over with coloring pencils.    I had fun with it but, of course, I still have so much to learn!  See picture, colored with enthusiasm below:

Wyspy - colored for fun, inktense and pencils over

Wyspy – colored for fun, inktense and pencils over

Wyspy Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of  Wyspy a beautiful Polish coloring book:


Wyspy Coloring Inspiration

See my Pinterest board for completed page inspiration for Wyspy coloring book.

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About Anita Grabos

Anita Grabos is a Polish artist living in Warsaw. She was educated at Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie and Anita is a contributing artist at the quirky website where she is a freelance illustrator

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