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Wonderland Coloring Book

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on 11 June 2016
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing, Interactive
Pages: 96
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue Binding

"Find a key that leads to the wonderland" as you color your way through this Japanese coloring book that combines coloring with part color by numbers with an element of puzzle solving.

Wonderland Coloring Book

Wonderland Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Wonderland Coloring Book.

Wonderland Coloring Book  Review

Wonderland is a Japanese Coloring Book that I have seen online many times.   Of course, the cute little bunnies on the cover attracted me, but it never made its way into my shopping cart until recently.      That was when I looked closely at the cover and seen a color palette that indicated that this was a color by numbers book.     Now I’m a girl that likes bunnies that does not excel at choosing colors, so a bunny color by numbers is a dream come true for me!

Wonderland is an unusual coloring book in that it features some images that are color by numbers for part of the picture.    Within the color by numbers area, once colored,  it reveals a  hidden picture forming the puzzle or interactive component of the book.  Not all of the illustrations within the book are color by numbers.

Cover & Layout

Wonderland has a lovely glossy dust jacket that shows a full color scene from the book.    If you look closely at the cover, you will see that there is a color palette on the lower half of the cover.  Those colors do not correspond with the top half of the  book.     This coloring book is different from most color by numbers books.

On the bottom half of the cover, looking closely with eagle eyes, you will see that there is some line art with numbers on it and the colored water faintly shows numbers underneath.

Only part of the image is color by numbers!

The cover art has been included as a double page spread in the book as well for you to color in.

Wonderland measures 22cm x 22cm (approximately 8.8 in x 8.8in.

The fold out flaps on the dust jacket show some thumbnails at the front at the rear some text in Japanese with a small critter in line art.

The inside cover features a lemon card with green printing on it featuring cute bunnies and a mass of flowers.

Ancillary Pages

Unusually the title page is color printed and features a cute owl on it.  This is followed by a page with a dusty pink background, some cute line art and the message in English “What waits in the wonderland?”   On the next page a light peach background and flowers and acorns frames some Japanese text.  The line art for this image is brown ink not black. Over page  another colored page follows, this time featuring colors of pencils (with names in English but not the brand name).

At the rear of the book a colored page leads to a visual thumbnail index comprising 3 pages.   This may be the best spot to test out your markers and mediums.   Over page there are 5 colored pages showing the completed color by numbers images and revealing the puzzle.


Wonderland has been divided into Chapters.  Each chapter page has elements to color in.  Unusually these pages have been printed with brown ink and the remainder with black ink.   The illustrations are printed on both sides of the pages and are orientated portrait style throughout.

There are 32 pages that are double page scenes where the line art does run to the spine fo the book.    At the moment the spine is a little stiff but I am confident that it will loosen with further use.

There are 20 pages that are part color by numbers, meaning part of the image is numbered and the balance is not.     The color palettes, in my opinion, have been badly positioned on the page for the most part and are intruding on the image.     Whilst some color palettes have been placed at the top or bottom of the page others have been placed within the image, standing out when the piece is colored.

The cute animals in this book are a highlight for me

Wonderland Coloring Book  Images and Illustrations

Wonderland starts with a key on the ground that is then retrieved by a bird.   We see the key and bird throughout the images as it progresses through a story.  I assume that the key is unlocking the Wonderland and that the bird is travelling with it within. Some images are accompanied by text in Japanese, which no doubt, tell the story.

We follow the adventures of the bird in illustrative form accompanies by a number of flowers and leaves.      There are cute forests and even cuter animals along the way.

The  bulk of the images are very detailed covering the page with line art.      Some of the line art is quite small and surprisingly the color by numbers sections for the most part are small.

Most of the images fill the whole of the page so there may not be enough white space if you wished to add background effects, only a small amount of pages would give you that opportunity.

Colorists that have visual or motor skill impairment may find the small details frustrating in this book.     As color by numbers is generally in a lighter shade the art work may prove difficult to see and color.    The art work is drawn in a fine line that is dull black and crisp.    There are some pages like the chapter pages that have been printed in brown ink which can be difficult to see if you have minor visual impairment.

I adore the cute animals within this book and wish it had more of those to color, and less flowers and leaves which are quite predominant (and mostly small) throughout.

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