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Whimsical Dreams Coloring Book Review

Adult Coloring Book - Whimsical Dreams: Color up a Fantasy, Magic Characters. All ages. 50 Different Images printed on single-sided pages Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Julia Spiri
on May 2017
Pages: 104
Format: Soft cover

You will find 50 unique and whimsical characters from a sweet fantasy world

Whimsical Dreams Coloring Book Review

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Whimsical Dreams Coloring Book Video Review

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Whimsical Dreams Coloring Book  Review

Have you ever dreamt about a coloring book you’ve seen? I have 🙂 When I seen the cover of this book nearly 6 months ago now I dreamt about the beautiful face on it, the rainbow eyes and the dreamy background with the paint dripping down. I was in love. Sadly, though I had put myself on a strict no go of purchasing print on demand coloring books (because I have over 100, nearer 200 still in my “to do” stack) 🙁 But I kept dreaming about the book. I tortured myself by looking at the artist’s instagram account and that just made the dreams more regular. Seriously, how could I possibly resist these pictures! The thing is, this is not the type of book that I would suspect that I would fall for so badly. There’s barely a bunny in sight …but it seems to have cast a spell on me.

I thought that I would be disappointed when I finally caved in and purchased it. That didn’t happen. I adore the book more now. Even more so, since I’ve discovered Julia’s You Tube channel where she has some speed coloring of the pages. She has had a life time experience, but I’m hoping that with a bit of practice, determination and coffee that I might be able to reproduce a colored image like she does.

Cover & Layout

The soft cover of Whimsical Dreams features one of the illustrations that Julia has included in the book.    She has painted it with her unique water color style.    You can immediately see that the book is fantasy themed and features big eyed girls.

On the back cover you will find 4 thumbnail line art images depicting pages from the book and 3 colored images that are gorgeous.

Whimsical Dreams is A4 sized measuring 8.5 in  11 in.

Ancillary Pages

A prettily decorated name plate page commences the book.

At the end of the book, you will find 2 blank pages that you could use as a blotter, test your mediums or try out color palette ideas.

This page has a grey, sketchy handrawn feel to it


The 50 unique illustrations are printed on one side only of the white, trade stock quality paper.

Each picture has been well centred on the page.

There are no double page scenes within the book.

Most of the images are orientated portrait style but there is one with a landscape orientation.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The bulk of the art work in the coloring book comprises big eyed, cutesy girls.    Out of the 50 illustrations included there is a real variety of  imagery included.   You will find beautiful girls solo on the page but with other decorative elements in the picture to color.   They may have hair decorations, hats or be carrying something cute.

Only one page is a full page scene with an abundance of elements to color in.   A handful of pages have background and foreground elements to color.

As well as our whimsical girls there are other whimsical characters as well,  cute little animals: bunnies, hedgehogs and teddy bears all make an appearance (there is a bunny too, can you see it?).  Mushrooms and fairy houses also have found a home in this book, even a cow having a hot air balloon ride.

If you are a fan of whimsy, you will find something for every whimsical mood that you may have in this book.

Usually books that have 50 illustrations contain duplicate illustrations, not so in this book. Each design is different and each character presented has different face and hair detail.   Some of the illustrations that I am madly in love with, show little of the face, only some deliciously long eyelashes with the bulk of the face obscured by an elaborate hat.     Including these types of illustrations, gives a wide range of colorists an opportunity to enjoy these books..    Colorists that have little confidence with coloring full front on faces can work their way towards that goal by coloring these partial faces first.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will find that as the bulk of the images lacks background elements, the pages are easier to color and see as the eye is not distracted by detail.    Some of the line art however, does have a sketchy hand drawn appearance.    For a few images this resembles lead pencil with a soft grey color.     The bulk of the images however are drawn in a crisp, black fine line that is easy to see.   Smaller textural elements have been added in grey or a fine line in some pictures.  These little additions resemble a gentle greyscale.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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Detail Level


Where to buy Whimsical Dreams Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



About Julia Spiri

Julia Spiri has managed to fulfill her dream of working creatively by working as a freelance artist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Art runs in the family Julia’s father giving her her first drawing lessons.

Julia lives on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain where she spends her days creatively painting and drawing.

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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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