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Watership Down Coloring Book Review

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Published by MacMillan Children's Books on 29 November 2018
Style: double page printing, Paper: medium quality
Format: Card cover with fold out, Express Bullet Point Review, Glue & Stitched

A coloring book based on the classic tale by Richard Adams and the tv mini series

Watership Down Coloring Book Review

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Watership Down Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Watership Down Coloring Book published by Macmillan Children’s Books.   Illustrations are by Sophia O’Connor.

Coloring Book Cover & Layout

Any reader that knows me, will know why I had to buy Watership Down Coloring Book.   I have such fond memories of reading this classic when I was at school and falling in love with all of the bunnies.    Watership Down has since been made into a mini-series.   I have to admit that I have not seen the mini-series.  To be honest, usually, I prefer my books to remain in that format. Generally, I find movies and mini-series based on them to be a disappointment.

Here is the problem.

I am sure that I am not the only person that has recreated and imagined the scenes of Watership Down so vividly described in the book.   Often it is hard, if not impossible, to live up to those expectations.    Unfortunately, with this book,  it does not seem that they tried to capture the essence of  Watership Down.  For me, the book is a collection of pages that form missed opportunities to colour a beautiful classic.

Art Work

The artwork contained features the rabbits from Watership Down.  Unfortunately, they have a real air of same-same about them with little interest and detail in their features.      There are a few scenes in the book that I would enjoy coloring but a large proportion, in my opinion, is full of wallpaper and filler pages.     Over the years that I have collected and reviewed colouring books, I have seen a lot of rabbits.     For me, the line art, expressions, sizing and composition of these bunnies is the least appealing that I have seen.

On the positive side,  the paper is a smooth, white medium quality so you can use a number of  types of pencils on it.

Line art is varying weight between medium and thick making it very easy to see and suitable for colorists of all ages.    As this book is published by the Children’s arm of Macmillan, it may be that they are appealing to only younger colorists with this book.   This could be why the imagery lacks the sophistication, composition and complexity that an adult colorist may expect from this classic story.

Illustrations do run to the spine of the book.   You would need to crack the spine for the book to lay down flat.  Once you have done that, it would be easier to color in the gutter of the book.


Detail Level


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