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The Water Hole Coloring Book – Review

Written by coloringqueen
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by Graeme Base
Style: double page printing
Pages: 32
Format: Card cover

The Water Hole Coloring Book is a classic heirloom coloring book. It combines the talent of Graeme Base acclaimed children's author with an educational story. This is the type of book that you could color with your child while teaching them to count and enjoy for years.

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The Water Hole Coloring Book Review

The Water Hole Coloring Book is illustrated by talented artist, Graeme Base.   If you have children, you  may be familiar with his work.   His most well known children’s’ books that he writes and illustrates in intricate detail are Animalia and the Eleventh Hour which have sold millions of copies.

The Water Hole is based on the children’s’ book of the same name.     It is worth while having a flick through the color printed children’s’ book when you are next out to see the detailed pictures within.     The Water Hole has been made into a board game /puzzle book, the original story book and this coloring book.

The image below is the cover of the children’s’ book.   You can see how detailed these illustrations are when completed.

The Water Hole original childrens' book by Graeme Base

The Water Hole original childrens’ book by Graeme Base

If you think this coloring book is just for kids, you are mistaken.    Graeme Base’s work is intricate and detailed.   You would need to be a skilled colorist to bring his drawings to life.

This is a larger sized coloring book than most colorists are used to.  It measures approximately 29 cm x 27 cm (approximately 11.5 in x 10.75 in).   It has a lovely glossy cover featuring a partially printed image of the original illustration above.  Inside, you will find a plain title page and a short introduction before we dive into the book proper.    This book was designed to be a children’s educational book and accordingly, the book is designed to teach kids how to count using animals.

The paper is white, thin but still quite good quality. The line work on the whole is black and crisp and easy to see. There are some lines that are finer and delicate in some of the elements of the pictures. If you have a visual impairment, unless it is severe, you should be able to see the lines with your normal glasses.

The book is printed on both sides of the paper. The illustrations for each chapter all contain a top and bottom border across both pages. One of the negatives with the book is that they have truly adapted it from the children’s book. It would have been better if they had modified the illustrations, in my opinion, so that the line work was on a single page and the story contained on the facing page. This would make it easier for colorists to color without having to go near the dreaded spine of the book. Sadly, all of the images do go into the spine of the book. On the positive side, the book does lay down flat with some gentle persuasion but there is still a little of the image that is in the spine area that would be difficult to reach.

The Water Hole Coloring Book

Coloring in the spine area of The Water Hole may be difficult

Chapter 1 is titled One Rhino, Chapter 2  – Two Tigers, Chapter 3, – Three toucans, Chapter 4  -Four Snow Leopards, Chapter 5 – Five Moose, Chapter 6 – Six Catfish, Chapter 7 – Seven Pandas, Chapter 8 – Eight Ladybugs, Chapter 9 – Nine Tortoises, Chapter 10 – Ten Kangaroos.

The Water Hole Coloring Book

Pandas from The Water Hole Coloring Book

This is a lovely book to share with your child. It is what I call an “heirloom” book, like some of the classic fairy tales. One that you can color and share with your child, or give to a child that they can then share with others.

The Water Hole Coloring Book

The Water Hole Coloring Book


The Water Hole Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review of The Water Hole Coloring Book illustrated by Graeme Base

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About Graeme Base

Graeme Base is a well known childrens book writer and illustrator. His book Animalia has sold over 3 million copies. Graeme was born in the UK but lives in Melbourne, Australia. His books have inspired and helped children around the world. He has won numerous awards in different categories. The Water Hole is his first coloring book based on the successful childrens book of the same name.

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