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Top Ten Tuesday – Coloring Books I Wish Artists Would Create

Do you ever wish that your favorite artist would create a certain style of coloring book?  I do!

Check out the style of coloring books that I hope one day these artists will create.    Let me know in the comments below if you have a yearning for a certain style of coloring book from your favorite artist.

One – Hannah Lynn

I adore Hannah Lynn and love all of the coloring books that she has created for us but, as always, I want more!   I would love it if Hannah created grayscale coloring books.    I love coloring grayscale and I feel that it is a great way to learn about shading, light source, and cast shadows.   Fingers crossed one day I will have a grayscale coloring book from Hannah!

Two – Christine Karron

If you know me, you know I love bunnies.   It will be no surprise that I am hoping and crossing fingers and toes for a bunny book from Christine Karron who created the beautiful Benny Blue.    I would love a bunny book that features Benny and his friends in various settings around the world. The romantic in me would love to see Benny meet a sweet little girl …maybe a Betty Blue.

Three – Lulu Mayo

Speaking of bunnies, I’ve been begging for years for A Million Bunnies by Lulu Mayo. Lulu thankfully includes plenty of bunnies in her other themed coloring books but I will never stop wanting one just devoted to bunnies!   Maybe in 2021 we can make this happen!

Four – Kerby Rosanes

I have loved watching Kerby Rosanes over the years develop his artistic style.  One thing that I have always wondered is whether Kerby can illustrate people and, if so, does he want to?   Personally, I would love to see Kerby illustrate something like anatomy and physiology or maybe a skeletal coloring book with his own distinctive style.

Five and Six – Johanna Basford

It’s a little greedy but I am hankering for two coloring books from Johanna Basford.

I would love to see her create a book of magical fairy kingdoms ….with fairies.    Over the years she has given us many cute little fairy houses and I would just love a book of them.     Johanna has given us so many different styles of books over the years, gardens, forests, oceans, jungles, and even encouraged us to create our own worlds.    Personally, I am happier when Johanna does the inking rather than my feeble attempts at a circle.

I would love to see a return of Ivy but not in Wonderland but ……..outer space.  In all fairness, Johanna has taken us above and below the ground so now is the time to explore the cosmos.   Of course, it has to be an outer space in Johanna’s style – planets of flowers and butterfly meteors.    Maybe, I have been watching too much Big Bang Theory but I can really imagine it!

Seven – Deborah Muller

I first fell in love with Deborah Muller’s artwork when she created her chubby mermaid coloring books and various prints.  Over the years she has illustrated an amazing variety of themes from cute, realistic, and creepy …..but I still have a hankering for another chubby mermaid book.  The sweet and chubby mermaids will always be a favorite of mine.

Eight – Jasmine Becket Griffith

Another book that I can see in my imagination is Jasmine Becket Griffith with a Wizard of Oz themed coloring book.    I know that she already has paintings with this theme in her portfolio so maybe it’s possible for this book to be a reality.   Bonus points if it is offered in greyscale as well as line art!

Nine – Camilla d’Errico

I love the surreal artwork from Camilla d’Errico who has so far given us pop manga, mermaids, and cute and creepy coloring books.    I would love to see Camilla illustrate some surreal fairies in a fairy kingdom with maybe a dragon or two thrown in!

Ten – Denyse Klette

Denyse Klette has not been creating coloring books for a little while now after her success with fairies, mermaids, and gnomes while she works as a Disney artist.    I have loved seeing the products that she has been creating for Disney. I have been a lifelong Disney fan (I went to Disneyland for my 21st!). I would love to see Denyse’s distinctive style with a Disney themed coloring book.    This one is obviously a bit tricky as it is Disney.  It would have to be licensed and approved by Disney to use their characters in a coloring book.   It may be that this is in the too hard basket but a girl can dream 🙂

That’s it for my top ten.    I would love to know if you often wish an artist would create a certain style of coloring book too.

Happy coloring x




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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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