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Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light – Coloring Book Review

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Posh Adult Coloring Book: Thomas Kinkade Designs for Inspiration & Relaxation Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Thomas Kinkade
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing on May 3rd 2016
Style: color inspiration images
Pages: 128
Format: Soft cover

Now you can color along with the master, Thomas Kinkade, painter of light. From luminous lighthouses and frothy seascapes to candlelit villages and welcoming front porches, relax as you color in this soothing atmosphere of beauty and inspiration.
In this unique coloring book, sixty-three of Thomas Kinkade's most popular paintings are presented in color across from the black line art of the same image to be colored. Enter the world of the painter of light yourself, as you create your own renditions of these classic artworks, including such gems as Aspen Chapel, Garden of Prayer, and Stairway to Paradise.

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light – Coloring Book Review

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Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Coloring Book Review

Thomas Kinkade is one of the most collected artists in the world.    He is known as the “Painter of  Light” due to the use of light in his art work.   He believed that art work should be accessible to all people and was well known for his cosy images conjuring up a sense of home.    Releasing a coloring book featuring 63 prints of  his art work together with the line work to color along with after his death surely would have pleased this artist who wanted all to enjoy art.

The Thomas Kinkade – Painter of Light  book is part of the “Posh” series of  coloring books that have a number of artists create books for their series.   Posh usually present their books in the same format.   This book is no different.  It measures approximately 24 cm x 18.5 cm (approximately 7.2 in x 9.5 in).   The book features a soft cover with a partial print of one of his paintings.  the cover image is also featured as the title page of the book.

I am disappointed that the book did not contain any information about the artist as a prologue.

Inside,  on the left side of the book  we are presented with a colored print of the painting.  On the right side, we are presented with the line work for the illustration.   This makes it easy for colorists to review the original image and assess how they would like to color their own illustration.     The line work is black, crisp and clear.    If you have minor visual impairments, you should not experience any difficulties.  Some of the illustrations are very close to spine.  However, if you prod really forcefully the book will lay reasonably down, making it easier to color.  A lot of the elements of the illustrations like leaves, streams, trees are outlines in the book.     They do not have the detailed leaves of say Enchanted Forest.     This makes it difficult for those new to coloring to try and recreate the look of leaves, tree trunks and the like.

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book Review

I am not familiar with the work of  Thomas Kinkade.   Flipping through the book, I am disappointed that the colored prints have not been labelled with the name of the art work.     If the name of the picture was on the plate then I could further investigate the original artwork and discover more about the artist when he originally painted that picture.   It’s a minor quibble, but something that I would have liked to know.

The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper.    The image that you will color has the color print on its reverse.     The paper is white and is a medium weight.    When coloring, you will need to be careful of the colored image on the reverse if you wish to save it.    Coloring with pencils and markers will, more than likely, damage the colored reproduction on the reverse and make it difficult for you to use as a guide if you wanted to.

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book Review

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book Review

You would need to be a skilled colorist to replicate the “look” of Kinkade as the original artwork is very layered and “painterly”.     In my view, this book would best suit those that are experienced colorists that can use the outlined illustrations to their best advantage.

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book Review

Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book Review

Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review of  Thomas Kinkade – Painter of Light Coloring Book

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About Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was born in 1958 and died in 2012. He had a long and successful career as an illustrator, graphic artist and painter. His work has been recognised with numerous awards. He is remembered for his contribution to the arts and inspirational painting.

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