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Super Cute World Coloring Book Review

Creative Bliss Coloring: A Super Cute Coloring Activity Book for Adults Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Jane Maday
Published by North Light Books on February 8th 2017
Style: Contains Extras, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Super Cute World features beautifully drawn whimsical animals In adorable settings and 15 pages of craft activities as well.

Super Cute World Coloring Book Review

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Super Cute World Coloring Book  Video  Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Super Cute World Coloring Book  illustrated by Jane Maday

Super Cute World Coloring Book Review

Jane Maday is a multi talented artist that can illustrate cute and whimsical coloring books like Color Super Cute Animals and Super Cute World but can also create realistic and detailed natured based coloring books and art as well.     Not only is she an accomplished illustrator but also a wonderful painter.    If you have a chance, drop by her Facebook page as she is usually coloring a gorgeous image in her journal each day.    The journal that she uses currently is an old book.   When she paints over it, it forms a wonderful vintage background  that really enchances the art.   Jane Maday is also an excellent tutor, while your at her  Facebook page check out the videos that she has created that will help you learn more coloring techniques and skills.

As most readers know, I love animals and I love cute and whimsical art.    Of course, it was a given that Super Cute World  would be joining my collection.

One of the things that I like about Super Cute World is that it is a coloring book and an activity book.     There are little treats at the back of the book to cut out and color like bookmarks, gift tags and even cupcake wrappers.   I love having a practical element in a coloring book and #coloringwithapurpose so Super Cute World was even more appealing when I seen it online.

Cover & Layout

Super Cute World has a glossy card cover that features an adorable squirrel and flowers.   You will find all the cover art in the book for you to color in as well.

On the back cover you will see  a partial coloring from the book together with some of the colored bookmarks, cupcake topper and elements included in the book.

Super Cute World Coloring Book measures 22.9 cm x 22.9 cm (approximately 9in x 9in)

Ancillary Pages

A combined title and nameplate page opens the book and is an ideal place for you to test out your mediums.    At the end of the book, printed on both sides, is copyright information, about the author and advertisements for other products.


We often see two different types of paper being combined in one coloring book in Japanese coloring books, but it is unusual to see it in an English printed book.    Super Cute World  combines a coloring book with craft pages.     The coloring book aspect is printed on white medium quality paper with one image per page.     There are 15 pages of craft activities that you can color and cut out and these are printed on light card stock.    All of the paper in the book is perforated for easy removal.

All of the images have been orientated portrait style within the coloring book with some note cards in the craft book orientated landscape style.

As the pages are perforated, colorists can easily remove the page they wish to work on without coloring near the spine of the book.   Even if  you wished to color in the book,  the perforation is set nearly a centimetre from the spine,  giving you plenty of room to color without butting against the spine.


Printed on light card stock at the end of the book you will find some things that you can color and cut out.    There are 9 bookmarks, a wreath, butterflies, birds snow globe, cupcake wrappers, gift tags and notecards.

The craft pages can be easily removed from the book as the pages are perforated.   The individual elements like bookmarks, wrappers etc are not die cut but they have a clear cutting guide line for you to follow. You could use these elements in numerous ways including coloring and joining them together to make a mobile, decorating a scrapbook or card with them or adding them to your journal.

Super Cute World Coloring Book  Images and Illustrations

As the title and cover art imply this coloring book promises a cute world.     In this cute world, as you can see from the cover, there are whimsical designs and patterns.   Super cute World expands on the Super Cute Animal Coloring Book theme and includes cute illustrations of flowers, garden scenes, little houses and a running theme of cute animals and birds throughout.

The art work has been drawn with a crisp black line with some heavier lines for dimension.    Although Jane Maday uses patterns and decorations on her animals it is not overly burdened with detail.

Colorists that have visual impairment will appreciate the restraint with the patterns as it makes the lines easier to see when coloring and less distracting.       There are a number of images that have large open spaces which would be suitable for colorists that have motor skill challenges.

The art work is whimsical which makes it suitable for colorists of  all ages and skill levels.    Colorists on their training wheels like me,  can enjoy coloring the decorated shapes whilst advanced colorists will be able to inject a completely different look to each page.

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Where to buy Super Cute World Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



About Jane Maday

Jane Maday began her artistic career at a young age creating scientific illustrations for the University of Florida.  She eventually ended up with a corporate artistic career working at Hallmark Cards amongst others.   Upon leaving the corporate life, Jane has a successful artistic career creating custom art works and authoring books relating to art.  Jane has produced a number of pages for colorists to color that reflect a cute and very whimsical style.

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