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Straznicy Nocy Coloring Book Review

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Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 64
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

A Gothic coloring book full of symbols, metaphors and fantasy. Color rnamental rosettes, stained glass windows and elements in the shape of flowers and leaves with the dark angels - Guardians of the Night.

A hybrid of legend and myth filled with strange creatures, beings and pagan goddesses in a world of dreams and magic.

It took months of collaboration to produce this coloring book by the duo of artists, using serigraphy techniques and printed on high quality paper.

Straznicy Nocy Coloring Book Review

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Straznicy Nocy Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Straznicy Nocy above illustrated by Katarzyna Niemiro  and Ajka Jablonska.

Straznicy Nocy Coloring Book Review

Straznicy Nocy is a Polish coloring book that is also known as The 13th Sign. This coloring book was produced by two artists in collaboration.    It is an unusual book in that it combines a lot of elements that we are familiar with and mythology in a hybrid effect.

Cover & Layout

The matte card cover of  The 13th Sign Coloring Book has gold printing (not foiling) on it that gives the image impact.   The balance of the cover comprises line art that can be colored in with your medium of choice.     A more elaborate image, based on the cover art, has been included in the book for you to color in.

The back cover features three thumbnail images from within the book together with text in Polish.   As the cover is matte, it does tend to attract grubby fingerprints.  If you were using the book often or storing it, you may want to put a protective plastic cover on it.

Straznicy Nocy is a perfect Australian A4 size measuring in at 29.6cm x 21cm (approximately 11.8 in x 8.6 in)

At the back of the book, a thick piece of card forms a nice base to use for coloring and to keep the book flat when shipping.


Ancillary Pages

Polish text opens the book and this is the only ancillary page within the book.     This is the only place to test out your mediums.      There is nothing printed on the reverse of this page so you could create your own color palettes and do all your testing on the reverse without being distracted by the text.


Illustrations have been printed on single sided high-quality white paper throughout the book.     The paper feels like light card stock and has a slight texture to it.

All of the images have been orientated in portrait style throughout the book.      There are no double-page scenes.

A small area of white space has been allowed between the image and the spine to ensure colorists are not butting against this area to color in.     As the images are printed single-sided, and the binding is glue binding like a postcard pack, you can gently remove the image you wish to color, and color it on a clipboard or desk if you prefer.

All of the artwork has been well-positioned and centered in the book to ensure overall good design and ease of coloring.

Straznicy Nocy Images and Illustrations

The artwork in Straznicy Nocy has a real hand-drawn feel to it that gives it an artistic look. The artwork has been printed in black, crisp ink and is very easy to see. The readability of the line art is further enhanced by the area of white space that surrounds each image which ensures that you are not distracted by an abundance of elements.

Even though two artists worked on this book together, the artwork flows as if one person drew the work, and the theme remains constant throughout the book.

There are 31 images to color in total in the book. Of these 24  comprise people in some form or other while the balance is animals with only one pattern type design.

Each piece of artwork has been decorated in some form whether it is leaves, scrolls, or flowers there are additional items to color in. The bulk of the images seem to present an underlying powerful feature about them or a sense of strength that has been incorporated into the art.

Colorists that have minor visual impairment may find that some of the images have small details that are challenging.

This is the type of coloring book that beginner colorists would enjoy coloring in but that skilled colorists could produce amazing effects with.

Detail Level

Low High

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The Straznicy Nocy Coloring Book (The 13th Sign) has its own Facebook page here where you can keep up to date with the artist’s work.


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