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Stock Up While You Can: The Best Book Depository Buys for Colorists

It’s a sad day for book lovers around the world.

Book Depository, the popular online book retailer known for its free shipping worldwide, is closing its doors on 26 April 2023.

For years, Aussies have relied on Book Depository to order their favorite books, including coloring books for adults, at unbeatable prices. As the end of April approaches, it’s time to start stocking up on books before it’s too late. As an avid  fan and collector of coloring books, I’ve scoured Book Depository and the internet to bring you my top picks of must-have books to order before it closes.   The books I have selected are all at a lower price at Book Depository at the moment as compared to the stores listed in my previous post showing alternative booksellers..

You can still place orders until “midday (12pm BST) on 26 April 2023″.    Orders placed will be delivered as usual within normal delivery times for your country.   Support for orders will continue until 23 June 2023.

What to Order from Book Depository Before it Closes

At the time of writing, these books represented the best value in Australian dollars for colorists (being the lowest price with shipping).

Please note that Book Depository does change pricing from time to time so please check before ordering. I noticed a fluctuation of about $1.00- $4.00  between a 48-hour period.  Please also note that in the time I started writing this article, and the time that I finished it, many of the books had sold out and were removed from this article.

Four Seasons Coloring Book

This Korean coloring book is just adorable and one of my favorites.   You can see my review of  Four Seasons Coloring Book here.

Buy from Book Depository

Atelier of the Witch Hat Coloring Book

This Spanish book by Kamone Shirahama is filled with characters who create spells in their day-to-day life.

You can see a flip-through of the coloring book below by Mia Fox.

Buy from Book Depository 

Aeppol Forest Girl’s Coloring Book – Premium Edition

This Korean coloring book tells the story of a forest girl.  In the Premium Edition has thicker, luxurious paper, suitable for use with mixed media, watercolor, and pencils.   The book has lay-flat binding for ease of coloring.   You can see my review of it here.

Buy from Book Depository

Draw a Lovely You Korean Coloring Book

This stunning Korean coloring book features colored inspirational images and line art to color.    You can see my review of it here.

Buy from Book Depository 

The Day We Finally Met Korean Coloring Book

This is the most beautiful Korean coloring book and sadly very underappreciated in the coloring world, in my opinion.    It is a book that tells a story through anthropomorphic baby animals meeting their parents.   In between artist Kim Yu-Jin has added beautiful lyrics from well-known songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.







You can see my review of The Day We Finally Met Coloring Book here.

Buy from Book Depository

Moments Wholly For Yourself – Tale of the Forest Girl Volume 2

Korean illustrator Aeppol’s Moments Wholly For Yourself – Tale of the Forest Girl is divided into parts. Part 1 shows the forest that changes every season, Part 2 shows the little happiness in everyday life in the forest, and Part 3 contains the cute forest girl.   The book is printed in medium-quality paper with lay flat binding.







You can see my review of it here.

Buy from Book Depository 

Forest Girl Postcards Book

Not a coloring book, but there are 5 coloring cards included.  If you are a fan of Aeppol’s artwork you might like these beautifully colored postcards.  There are 45 pictures in the postcard selected from the most popular pictures in the Forest Girl series.  All the scenery in the forest of the four seasons is included.

Buy from Book Depository

Måndalen : Målarbok

If you like to collect the Swedish edition of Maria Trolle’s coloring books they are currently cheaper to buy off Book Depository.     You can purchase the English edition of this book as Moon Valley Coloring Book.  There are beautiful plants and creatures that live in the enchanting Moon Valley for you to color.







Buy from Book Depository

Universum Malarbok

The Swedish edition by Maria Trolle.   Please check the price carefully before you buy as it has increased $4 in the last few days.








Buy from Book Depository here

Blomstermandala  Coloring Book

The first coloring by Maria Trolle, Swedish edition.











Buy on Book Depository 




Dadachyo Mystica Coloring Softcover Book

This gorgeous softcover book by Korean artist, Irina Vinnik features gorgeous portraits.   It features colored illustrations as well as coloring pages.







Buy on Book Depository

Romantic Country: A Coloring Book

The English edition of Eriy’s first coloring book in the Romantic Country series.   This book is sometimes hard to find, in Australia but readily available in the USA.

Buy from Book Depository 

Christl Vogls Ausmalreise – Abenteuer der Blütenelfen

The second coloring book from Sweden-based illustrator takes you into fairytale worlds full of magical creatures full of elves and fairies.  Illustrations are accompanied by a little story in rhyme form.

A flip through by Grumblebunny is below

Buy on Book Depository here

Christl Vogls Ausmalreise – Der verwunschene Wald: Ausmalen & träumen 

This coloring book by Christl Vogl features talking animals and fairy children who live in mushroom houses. Each picture is accompanied by a little story in the form of a rhyme.


Here is a flip through from Coloring Ideas.

Buy on Book Depository here

Tale of The Forest Girl Postcard Coloring Book

This gorgeous coloring postcard book by Ida Chiaki features a small forest girl living in the forest.    This is the Korean edition of the book.   It was originally released in Japan. You can see my review of it here.

Buy on Book Depository here 

Rymden – Målarbok

The Swedish edition of Hanna Karlzon’s second children’s coloring book is space themed.  It features the wonders of space and the universe and has 40 pages.    This book is also available in English – titled Space.







Buy on Book Depository 

Kalas – Målarbok

The first children’s coloring book by Hanna Karlzon.  The book is 40 pages and has a party theme featuring “cake, gifts, and so much more. At the turn of every page, you’ll find magical creatures dressed in their party best, ice cream cones and cupcakes towering with sweets, and partygoers in birthday hats and costumes.”.    This book is also available as an English edition – titled Party.







Buy on Book Depository

Leila Duly’s Beautiful Planet: An Intricate Coloring Book

The third coloring book by UK illustrator Leila Duly is filled with “blooms and foliage and lively butterflies and other beasts”.

Buy on Book Depository

I hope you have found something that you fancy in this list and can grab a bargain before they are all snapped up.   If you do want a book, please order early as many have sold out between the time I started this list and today’s date.

Happy coloring x


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