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Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review

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by Michelle Tracey
Published by Michelle Tracey Fantasy Art on 18 February 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 62
Format: Glue Binding, Soft cover

Beautiful fantasy art, delicately illustrated that comes alive when colorists add color.

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Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review  (Black and White Edition)

Spirit and Fantasy is a coloring book designed to emerge the colorist or casual viewer into a world of fantasy and magic.     In this world you will find creatures that you have imagined in illustrative form.

This book is available in three different formats.     The Black and White edition, which I am reviewing here, which shows black and white line art.    There is also a greyscale version which already has shading which some colorists prefer and there is also a color edition.    The color edition shows the images in the book colored in and is available for both the black and white edition and the grayscale edition.

Cover & Layout

The glossy cover of this coloring book shows a colored image from the book of a strong woman.   There is something about this piece that really draws you in and it almost feels like she is speaking to you or calling to you.   You can see from that cover art the detail in the hair and folds of the dress which indicates the type of detail that is throughout the book.    A frame that almost has the appearance of a gilded mirror borders the art work with elements breaking out of the frame.    The background cover is dark green with line art in a lighter shade.

The back cover features the same background and 5 thumbnails of the art work inside this book.   Butterflies in a lemony shade float about the cover and feature in the artist’s logo.

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review

Spirit and Fantasy Coloring Book by Michelle Tracey, is A4 sized measuring approximately 8.5 in x 11 in which is a standard size that a lot of  independent coloring book artists tend to use.   It is the perfect size for using on a standard clipboard, if you prefer to color like that!

The cover art has been reproduced as a title page in a greyscale effect.     Copyright detail is shown on the reverse.

The 29 illustrations contained in the book have all been printed on white trade stock paper with one image on each page.    The illustrations are orientated both portrait and landscape style throughout the book.

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review


The illustrations all comprise fantasy art and all the images flow with these theme.     Each page is dedicated to either a fairy, mermaid, mythical creature or a dragon.  The art has been drawn to provide a variety of full bodied images, side on and portrait style.   In addition, a number of the illustrations also contain other animals as well as background and foreground elements.  One of the things that I find impressive about this fantasy art is that the women are not delicate and wispy but in the majority appear strong and vital.

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review

Most of the images use the whole of the page int he book and these have been positioned and centered well on the page.   All of the images contain an intricate border frame around them as seen on the cover art.  None of the images run to the spine as they all are bordered with a nice amount of white space around the edges.  Additional white space has been left on the area abutting the spine so the image could be removed without changing that.

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review

The line art is black and on the whole a medium weight.   A finer line weight has been used for smaller details and to add texture and dimension to some images.

Although the images are detailed, there are a number of areas of larger spaces for colorists that prefer this.    Colorists that love to shade, blend and add backgrounds will adore this coloring book as it provides numerous opportunities to shine.

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Review

Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review below of the Spirit & Fantasy Coloring Book illustrated by Michelle Tracey

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About Michelle Tracey

Michelle Tracey is an Australian fantasy artist.     As a self taught artist Michelle enjoyed a career in graphic design.  Michelle used her interest in spiritual and supernatural matters to reflect this in her fantasy art works.  Michelle often creates lovely coloring tutorials which she shares with fans of her fantasy art works on her You Tube channel.

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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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