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Spellbinding Images – A Fantasy Colouring Book of Witches – Volume 1

Spellbinding Images A Fantasy Coloring Book of Witches
Written by coloringqueen
Spellbinding Images: A Fantasy Coloring Book of Witches: Volume 1 Buy on Amazon US|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Nikki Burnette
Published by Createspace on 2015
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Soft cover

Color your way through a world of fantasy, Halloween and witches! This coloring book includes 20 different black and white illustrations of witches by fantasy artist Nikki Burnette for you to enjoy. These coloring pages are adapted from Nikki's original watercolor paintings and range from simple to more complex, so whether you are just a beginner or a more advanced colorist, there is something for you.

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Spellbinding Images Coloring Book Review

Spellbinding Images is a fun, adult coloring book full of sexy, witches.  If you think witches are dark and grim then Nikki Burnette’s imaginings of witches will cast a spell on you to think otherwise.  The soft cover book measures approximately 28cm x 21.5 cm (approximately 11 inches x 8.5 inches).

The book contains 20 gorgeous images of witches to colour.    On the back cover you can see thumbnails of all the illustrations included in the book.

The title page also has some cute illustrations of cats on it.  This is an abbreviation of the image on the cover (without the witch). This would be a good page to test your markers or other mediums and see if they bleed or show through to the next page.

The illustrations are printed on white single sided paper.    The paper is thin so you will need to put a piece of card behind each page if you are coloring directly in the book.  I usually copy the image on to cardstock or remove the image and put it on a clipboard to work.

The line work is black, crisp and clear.    The lines are fine and delicate.   All of the images have been nicely centred on the page so they avoid the spine of  the book.   All of the illustrations have been framed with a thin, black border

The illustrations are cute.   Every page features a witch in a cute outfit.   The first illustration is the cover image.  Often, I find, coloring book artists forget to include the cover image.  It is always good to see that as the first image in the book as it is usually the enticement that led me to buy initially.  Some of  the illustrations contain a lot of detail but there are two illustrations with very little detail.  I would have liked to see more detail in the hair of  those two cute little witches.  Hair, I find, is often so difficult to do without some lines to start you off with.    A lot of colorists will appreciate the less detailed images so they can showcase their coloring techniques on these drawings.     I like the way the artist has included a variety of difficulty with the images.    Some with more detail than others.   For those that love to do backgrounds, there are about 5 illustrations that are crying out for a pretty background to compliment the image.    I  have a small set of Pan Pastels and some eye shadow that I will use on some of mine.

Spellbinding Images Coloring Book Review

Enjoy the video review of Spellbinding Images – A Fantasy Colouring Book of Witches by Nikki Burnette:

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About Nikki Burnette

Nikki Burnette is a fantasy watercolor artist.   She lives in Ohio with her family and cats.     Nikki loves fantasy art and has made it her specialty.   Her art is collected and licensed and made accessible to the world through her coloring books for adults.

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