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Spectrum Noir Art Liners Review

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the product or the content of my review.

Spectrum Noir Art Liners Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Spectrum Noir Art Liners and Spectrum Noir Art Liner Hand Lettering.

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Spectrum Noir Art Liners  Review

Spectrum Noir create a range of products for colorists and crafters.     For colorists they have an introductory range called Colorista which features coloring pads, markers and pencils.     They have higher end products including a number of different types of markers  (my favorite is Illustrator) and set of  120 ColourBlend pencils, great for coloring books.

In addition to these products they also have a range of finer products that are suitable for sketching,  coloring small areas and for hand lettering and journaling.     This is the Art Liner range.   The range comprises a set of Brights, Blacks and Neutrals.

Art Liners

The Art Liners are alcohol based inks sourced from Japan.   According to Spectrum Noir they are smudge proof which I also found with my testing.  Art Liners come in 005, 01, 03, 05, 08 line widths, along with a brush point in a selection of colours and sets.


As the name implies these are brighter colored and feature primary and secondary colors.    They are sold in two packs of 8  either brush nibs or fine points.

The colors are dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, orange, red, yellow and green.

In the video above the set I used was the brush nib.

At the moment, the color range is limited and I do hope that they will extend this range further in the future.

They also have a set of Brights with a micro nib.


The set of neutrals contains 3 brown liners and 3 gray each with 005, 03 and brush nib.    The 005 and 03 nibs are very small, making it possible to do tiny and intricate coloring in areas.

The neutral set should have a gray brush tip liner but my set has two 03 liners


There are 6 nib types for the black liners being 005, 01, 03, 05, 07 and brush.    These are especially useful for journalling and artists for sketching.   The variety of nib types means that whatever task you are trying to do can be easily achieved.

There are 6 different size nibs in this set of blacks making it very versatile

User Experience

I found all of the liners that I tested very easy to use with smooth coverage and fluid with just light pressure being applied.     I used a Spectrum Noir Colorista pad that is designed for coloring pencils with my test.   As you can see from the video,  there was no bleed through to the other side.     As always, though  you should test on a scrap of paper before diving into your favorite book as these are alcohol based.

Recently, Eriy released Drawing Around the World coloring book which requires you to trace the outlines if you wish.     These micro liners would be ideal for that, but not the brush liners.

The brush liners are great for lettering.   Hand lettering is something that I really admire and often follow lovers of journaling to see how they decorate their planners.      It is nice to see, in this technological age, how many people are taking up the art of hand lettering.

Hand Lettering DVD Tutorial

Spectrum Noir were kind enough to send me a DVD tutorial on hand lettering that people use the Art Liners with.   The DVD is less than an hour long and covers a range of topics.     Like all things you have to learn the basics of hand lettering and practice a lot before you get to create some words!

The topics covered are entrance, ascender, descender and transition strokes.  Basic and essential brush strokes, loops and circles, lettering, fauxigraphy and freestyle.

You can follow along with the tutorial and practice on your paper, over and over again.  It’s like learning to draw letters, so your first attempts are generally not that good.    After practicing for a few pages you should start to find a flow of  how to draw the stroke or letter.

In order to make this a “muscle memory” so it easier for you to create the lettering you are hoping for, Crafters Companion have created a line of  hand lettering stamps.   Basically, you use these stamps to practice your brush strokes along with the DVD.    The stamps are not sold with the tutorial and would need to be purchased separately.      From my own experience following the tutorial, I do think it would be far easier if I had a stamp to follow along with.   Rather than eyeballing the stroke and thinking it looks okay, I would know if I was on the right track or not.

Where to buy Spectrum Noir Art Liners

Amazon Brights Micro Amazon Brights Brush Amazon Black Amazon Neutrals


Spectrum Noir have kindly donated a fantastic giveaway prize for one lucky winner.    The prize consists of all the Art Liner sets – Brights brush and micro, Neutrals, Black and the DVD tutorial on hand lettering.    You can enter the giveaway here on my Facebook page.

Happy coloring x


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