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Sheep Coloring Book Review

The Sheep Coloring Book Buy from Bol in The Netherlands
by Maryna Horbachova
on 16 February 2017
Style: Digital PDF
Pages: 10

Intricate and adorable sheep in human like settings to color and enjoy

Sheep Coloring Book Review

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The Sheep Coloring Book  Review

I spent my early years between two farms in regional New South Wales of Australia.    On one farm there were crops of wheat, oats and barley and on the other it was a dairy farm.    Like all farms there were also a few other things as well,  horses, orchards, cattle, chickens and of course sheep.     My step father was an excellent shearer and when it was time to shear the sheep I’d often stand outside watching it all, together with the wool sorting.

The sheep were always so placid, standing in the field with their gentle eyes and wooly coats it was hard to resist patting them when walking past.

Of course when I seen a sheep based coloring book that was filled with whimsical drawings I fell in love.   I tried to resist,  but the art work by this Dutch artist had stolen my heart.

The Sheep Coloring Book Formats

The hardest decision I had to make was which format should I purchase The Sheep Coloring Book in?

It is available in a hard copy with trade stock paper (and a bonus pdf is available to download with that)

It is available as a digital download; and

You can also buy it as a postcard pack that uses water color paper.

In the end I elected to use my own paper and printing,  truth is I wanted it NOW so I purchased the digital download.


When you purchase the digital edition of  The Sheep Coloring Book you will receive a PDF document containing the title page with a scaled down illustration to color in.  The 10 illustrations, set out one per page, follow.   You will also find that the proper sized illustration used on the title page has been included for you to color as well.

You will not receive the colored cover art.     Usually, artists omit the cover art from digital downloads as it can make the size of the file very large and some platforms have file size restrictions.  In addition, you may inadvertently print it out and use up a lot of color ink that you did not intend to do.

The wonderful thing about purchasing a digital edition of the book is that you can use your own paper but you can also print as many times as you fancy.

Note:  I have an inkjet printer so if you do not allow a period of time for the ink to dry it can smear and muddy up your colors if you are using wet mediums like markers or watercolors.  If you have a laser printer you will not experience those problems (I hope Santa brings me a laser printer!)

The Sheep Coloring Book  Illustrations

It was the art work that made me fall in love with this book instantly.  Each illustration is packed with character and charm and so much wooly goodness that you can’t help but smile at them.

At first, I thought it was an error that there were only 10 illustrations in the book as we are often spoiled with a lot of illustrations in the book.   Sometimes, I actually feel that there are too many drawings in a book and pages are added to “fill it out”.     Personally, although there is not as many illustrations as other books in the price range I am very happy with it.  The illustrations that are included are beautifully created with so much detail on the page and in so many settings that it would be difficult not to be satisfied.

You will find the gorgeous sheep cooking up a storm,  packing for travel, tending her plants, resting with the toys, sewing and enjoying time at the beach.   You will not find this active girl though in a paddock nibbling grass!

There are two illustrations that are orientated portrait style with the balance being landscape orientation.

Maryna has a wonderful sense of proportion that she uses to balance these pictures with just the right amount of elements of different sizes and shapes.   Her art work creates a scene or a little story for her character and I can’t help but want more.  I want to know more about this sheep and why she likes to be a domestic goddess and then travel around.

The line art is black, crisp and very easy to see. Colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find that there is too much detail on the page.   To tackle the pictures, you may need to color a bit at a time and for some, use a magnifying lamp.

There are a few pictures that have the sheep as the main focal point with less detail.   These illustrations would be great for colorists with a minor visual impairment to tackle and for colorists that love to jazz up their pages with snazzy background effects.

Detail Level


Where to buy The Sheep Coloring Book (hard copy)


Where to buy The Sheep Coloring Book (digital PDF copy)


Where to buy The Sheep Coloring Book (postcard edition copy)


Happy coloring x



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