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Scenes from Heaven Coloring Book Review

Scenes from Heaven Adult Coloring Book: Beautiful Imageries of Angels and Eternity Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Passio
Published by Passio on September 6th 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Scriptures and quotes/excerpts from Charisma House authors about heaven and angels, combined with artwork in this coloring book to help you release your stress. Reflect upon verses from the Modern English Version of the Bible as you color the book.

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Scenes from Heaven Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the coloring book video walk through of  Scenes from Heaven above

Scenes from Heaven Coloring Book Review

Scenes from Heaven is a Christian based coloring book.  Charisma House, a Christian publishing group, have combined art work and relevant Bible scriptures with scenes that are said to evoke imagery of angels, heaven and the concept of eternity.

Cover & Layout

The cover of this book is just gorgeous.   A baby blue sky shows, presumably the pearly gates of heaven, with angels by each side. Gold foil highlights and a few dots of purple printing add to the charm of this cover.  The cover is laminated and has a slight, wavy feel to it.    Although there is line art on the front cover, it would be difficult to penetrate that waxy layer to color.    The back cover is a lovely patterns blue with a blurb with a text blurb on it.  A darker shade of blue has been used for the spine which compliments the cover nicely.

The book measures 8.4 in x 8.8 in approximately.

On opening the book, you will find a plain title page and introductory page.    The copyright information for this book is at the end.

Varied line weights have been used in this simple imagery

Varied line weights have been used in this simple imagery

The illustrations have all been printed on white medium quality paper and orientated portrait style.    On each page you will find an illustration with scripture in light grey text on the reverse.


I have to say that I find the illustrations disappointing.   I pre-ordered this book when it did not have a description.  It was purchased based solely on the title and the adorable cover.      With a title like “Scenes from Heaven”, I imagined some beautiful angels, rolling clouds and even a topographic view of  earth in both macro and micro formats.

Beautiful angle to color

Beautiful angle to color

There are angels in the book, don’t get me wrong,  but the illustrations in this book are wide and various, there are chairs – a lot of chairs, birds, mandala style images, quotes, Jesus, flowers and gemstones.   I struggled to find the meaning of this jumble of images with the context of this book.

To me the art work does not follow a consistent theme and does not appear to be illustrated by the same person.  It lacks flow.

Scenes from Heaven

When I went searching for the illustrator that collated this disjointed book, in my opinion, I found that the image credit was Deposit Photos and Getty Images.   Both of these sites are places where you can buy illustrations from a variety of vendors for commercial use, by purchasing a commercial use licence.    This means that anyone can buy these images and they do, which is why colorists often feel that they have seen an image before.  You have.   Quite frankly, if  I see another owl or peacock from a stock image site I’m liable to scream!

Scenes from Heaven

The main problem is that art from stock image sites reflect a number of different artistic styles.    This may work in a coloring book or magazine that promises a varied amount of images but not in one that has a theme.   A  themed coloring book should lead the colorist on a journey that flows with the promised concept.

Whilst I adore hand illustrated art created by an artist, I do understand the use of stock image sites.    I’m not against them completely …but if using images from these sources they really need to be modified and consistent with one another so, in effect, you create new art.

These finely patterned "cutesy" styled angels may be difficult for visually impaired colorists to color

These finely patterned “cutesy” styled angels may be difficult for visually impaired colorists to color

If you enjoy Christian based coloring books, and like having a little snippet of  scripture while you are coloring, you may enjoy the images in this book.    As long as your expectations are for things to enjoy and color, that have a religious twist, and you are not expecting a flowing theme executed by the same hand.   Unfortunately, I had expectations that is why I am disappointed.  I blame myself 🙁

Due to the wide variety of imagery in the book, it is difficult to give you an accurate description of line color and line weight as that varies between the pages.     There are a number of illustrations that have large spaces and simple designs which would be suitable for new colorists and colorists that have visual impairment.

Heavy line weight on this beautiful angel makes it easy to see for colorists of all ages

Heavy line weight on this beautiful angel makes it easy to see for colorists of all ages

The images have been well centered and positioned on the page making it easy for colorists to enjoy.   Only a handful of images abut the spine.    The book lays down quite nicely with a little nudge so you will be easily able to color elements near the spine.

Most of the images tend to fill the whole of the page but there are a handful of pictures that could be jazzed up with background effects.   Many of the illustrations in the book would look lovely framed.    Some of these would make a nice gift for someone especially on a religious holiday.

Where to buy Scenes from Heaven Coloring Book

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