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Sanrio Characters – Happy Coloring Pledge – Hello Kitty & Friends (サンリオキャラクター幸せ塗り絵帖 )

Sanrio Characters Happy Coloring Pledge Coloring Book Buy on Amazon JP
on October 2016
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing
Format: Soft cover

A cute coloring book featuring your favorite Sanrio characters that is great for traveling

Sanrio Characters – Happy Coloring Pledge – Hello Kitty & Friends (サンリオキャラクター幸せ塗り絵帖 )

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Sanrio Characters “Happy Coloring Pledge”  Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video walk through of this cute Hello Kitty and Friends style coloring book.

Sanrio Characters “Happy Coloring Pledge”  Coloring Book Review

I am pretty sure that Google Translate does not accurately translate the titles of these books but, in the absence of learning Japanese, it is what I am stuck with 🙂    This is a cute little coloring book produced by Sanrio the license owners of Hello Kitty and her various friends.   Sanrio publish a number of coloring books for children and have gradually made their way into the adult coloring book market with these popular characters.       I previously reviewed Smile!” which featured Hello Kitty and her friends.   That book is far more “adult” than this one which contains less complex imagery and does not present as well as Smile – Hello Kitty Coloring Book.   Even so, it is still a cute little book and great for coloring and just having fun with.

Cover & Layout

The cover is a white laminate and features a frame of blue flowers with popular Sanrio characters including the Twins and Hello Kitty.    The Title of the book is positioned in the middle and there are some text blurbs contained in balloons that I cannot translate.    The cover lacks gloss and shine and the art appears quite dull, not in design but color.     This muted look on the cover tends to make it less appealing than Smile – Hello Kitty Coloring Book, in my view.     The back cover is a bit more vibrant in comparison.   It features a cute little boat with floral sail and characters.        A dusty pink spine complements the balloon bubble on the front cover.

The book measures approximately 20 cm x 20 cm (8 in x 8 in approximately and is a handy size for your handbag or traveling.

Ancillary Pages

The book commences with a number of pages of colored images.   These are beautifully colored and might inspire you with your coloring.   I believe that some of these colored illustrations may be coloring techniques, but cannot say for sure.  At the end of the book there are also some colored images to inspire  you.


Illustrations are printed on both sides of the white paper which is a medium weight.    The images are all orientated portrait style.      Some of the images do merge with the spine or are drawn near the spine making it tricky to color.  Although the book is not laying flat for me at the moment, with time and continued use, the spine should relax enough to make it easier to color.


The drawings have been created with a dull black line weight.    The artwork can appear sketchy in some illustrations and more refined and sharp in others.    You will find all your favorite Sanrio characters in this book.    There are gorgeous one page illustrations of  Hello Kitty, Twin Stars and Mr Melody.  There are several pages that comprise double page scenes and a few pages of patterns.

This is a book to have fun with and enjoy yourself with.    The art is not as sophisticated as in Smile but is still very cute to look at and enjoy.

There are a number of illustrations that have fine details and tightly packed elements that may prove difficult to color for colorists with visual impairment.     However, there are also a number of images with larger spaces for ease of coloring.

Happy Coloring Pledge with Sanrio Characters Image Gallery

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Where to buy Happy Coloring Pledge with Sanrio Characters

You can buy the Sanrio Coloring Book from  Amazon Japan direct.

Happy coloring x




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