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Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater – 塗り絵セレクション サンリオファンタジーシアタ

by Sanrio Company Ltd
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Format: Dust Jacket, Stapled

Cute coloring book for fans of Sanrio Characters. In this coloring book it is based on a fantasy theater setting where your favorite characters play a part in Cinderella.

Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater – 塗り絵セレクション サンリオファンタジーシアタ

Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater Video Review

I hope you enjoy the video review of  Fantasy Theater packed full of Sanrio characters.

Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater Coloring Book Review

This is a cute little coloring book created by Sanrio.    Sanrio are the company that owns well known characters like Hello Kitty and Mr Melody.     This cute little coloring book uses these characters in a Fantasy Theater world based on various fairy tales including Little Red Riding Hood,  Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella.

When I seen this cute little book online I knew I had to have it!    Who can resist Hello Kitty starring in  Cinderella?

Cover & Layout

The dust jacket cover of this cute coloring book for adults features your favorite characters from Sanrio in different costumes and settings.   The  fold out flap features colored Sanrio characters dressed in their character’s costume.    There is text in Japanese underneath each image, which I presume states the role that they are playing the Fantasy Theater.   The actual book cover is white gloss and features pink printing.  All your favorite characters have been printed in a frame  type collage for you to color.    The pink printing is quite fine and faint on my copy of the book and may be difficult to color if you have a visual impairment.

The illustrations are printed on both sides of the white, medium quality paper.   The paper is smooth to touch.

The book measures 25.8 cm x 18cm approximately (10.3 in x 7.2 in)


Ancillary Pages

The title page is colored  and features the characters in a small frame.   There are three pages of partially colored thumbnails in the book where the background of the image has been colored.

An adapted version of the colored title page has also been provided in line art for you to color.  In this expanded version we can see the characters on stage of  the Fantasy Theater.    It is appropriate for a fairy tale and a Theater based story to have an ending page and Fantasy Theater has this as well.   At the end of the book a simple page featuring filigree design closes the coloring part of the book.

At the end of the book you will also find 2 pages of colored art work.    On each page 2 pieces of art have been printed that are designed to be used as postcards.    The paper is medium and slightly glossy and not as thick as normal postcard paper.   They are very pretty and could be used as inspirational images to inspire your coloring.

Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater Coloring Book Image Gallery

Please click on the image  below for a more detailed view.

[foogallery id=”4473″]


The illustrations have been printed in a fine and medium dull black line.     Most of the art work fills the page giving you a lot of elements to color in.

All of the illustrations are single page scenes.   It is a shame that the art work wasn’t printed on single sided paper to ensure that you could use any medium on it.    As it is only a small book, the two staples as binding makes it easy to lay the book flat and all pictures are easy to access and color in.

All of the Sanrio characters have been drawn in cute fairy tale settings.    Some colorists may find that the line art is too small and fiddly in some elements especially if they have visual or motor impairment.

This is a cute book, packed full of fun images of Sanrio Characters.    It is not designed to be a high end art coloring book but rather something to have fun with and enjoy.     Fans of Sanrio will have a great time coloring their favorite characters in well loved fairy tales.

Where to buy Sanrio Characters – Fantasy Theater Coloring Book

I purchased my copy of  Fantasy Theatre from Amazon Japan.  I notice that on the back cover,  Showa Note, the Publisher, states “For Sale in Japan only” which may make purchasing this product difficult.   I used a buyer’s agent,  Buyee to purchase the book as the seller did not ship internationally when I purchased the book.     Buyee were very efficient and packed the book and sent it to me promptly.   However, there is a fee involved and you do end up paying more for shipping.    I did not check other buyer’s agents in Japan,  and you may find other services more suitable for your needs.

Happy coloring x




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