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Sakuems Fantasy Coloring Book Review

Sakuems Fantasty Characters Coloring Book 2017 Buy from the Artist/Author
by Emilie Jarrige
Published by Self Published on December 2017
Style: cardstock, single page illustrations
Pages: 20
Format: Card cover, Spiral Bound

A beautiful collection of fantasy girls illustrated over a number of years and printed in an artist's edition version.

Sakuems Fantasy Coloring Book Review

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Sakuems Fantasy Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of French artist, Emilie Jarrige first coloring book, Sakuems Fantasy Characters Coloring Book.

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Sakuems Coloring Book  Review

When I first saw Emilie’s,  Sakuems YouTube channel I couldn’t believe my eyes.    Looking at her artwork, where she mainly uses watercolors, markers or pencils, was like looking at a unicorn with an explosion of rainbows.    So many beautiful colors blended together (and she makes it look so effortless).     Emilie has a unique style which shows not only in her beautiful colored pieces of art but also in her illustrative style.

What makes her so amazing, is the way that she uses color with such wild abandon.   Rather than it looking like a hot mess, it looks absolutely stunning.      Here’s a video that will far better explain her talent to you than my mere words 🙂

By the way, Emilie must be her own worse critic ….because she is not overly happy with the result of this picture! I think it and all of her artwork is just amazingly beautiful.

Cover & Layout

The cover of Sakuems coloring book is colored gloss card.  On the front is a beautiful colored page from within the book.  On the back, you will see thumbnail images of pictures in the book.  It is also available as a pdf/digital download as well as this artist’s edition version.


Ancillary Pages

There are no ancillary pages to test your mediums on within the book.



The illustrations have been printed on one side only of the good quality white card stock.   The card stock is 300gsm so should be able to take pencils, watercolors, and markers.   As always though, test it out somewhere discreetly.

The coloring book is top-bound with metal spiral binding.    The spiral binding makes it easy for colorists that are both left and right-handed to work with the pages.   However, some of the images could have been better positioned to avoid the ring binding that is intruding on the artwork.     Emilie is aware of this layout issue. She is ensuring that the two coloring books that she plans to release in 2018 will not have this problem.

There are 20 illustrations to color in the book.

Illustrations have been orientated in both portrait and horizontal style.


Art Work

Emilie loves drawing flowers and fantasy women and that is what this coloring book is full of.   You will find a variety of gorgeous girls, fairies, and even a mermaid with wings!   The first image in the book is sweetly whimsical and I would love to see a whole book filled with those whimsical girls!.

Most of the images contain other decorative elements as well as the character portrayed.    There may be a variety of flowers to color or background.

One of the stand out features of  Emilie’s art is the way she draws hair.    Each part of the hair has been segmented out and often there is some fine texture.    For colorists new to coloring hair and skin, having the hair mapped out like this makes it easier to learn how to color and shade the hair.  Elaborate hairstyles feature within the book and you will get plenty of practice coloring different lengths of hair.

On the faces of her fantasy girls, Emilie only adds some soft lines and shading on the eyes to guide the colorist when coloring the page.

Most of the images contain a lot of detail and can virtually fill the page.  A couple of images have fine details to color.  Colorists that have a  minor visual impairment may need a few sittings with a magnifying lamp to color those pages.

The line art is black, crisp, and generally has a medium to thick line making it easy to see on the page.   There is one illustration of the mer fairy that has a slightly lighter color line and is a softer image overall.

One of the things that I love about this coloring book is that I don’t find it intimidating.   The artist details that have been included on the page (in particular the hair) make me feel that even a beginner, like me, could color the pages.


Detail Level


Where to buy Sakuems Fantasy Coloring Book

Artist Edition (spiral bound) Digital PDF download

Happy coloring x



About Emilie Jarrige

Emilie Jarrige is a French artist and illustrator and the creative behind the Sakuems brand. Emilie has been creating art for about 15 years. She mainly uses copics, watercolors and colored pencils. Her use of color makes her artwork unique and memorable.

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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