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Sacred Symbols: Colouring Experiences for the Mystical and Magical

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Sacred Symbols: Coloring Experiences for the Mystical and Magical Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Lydia Hess
Published by HarperElixir on October 6th 2015
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 80
Format: Hard back

Experience the Timeless Beauty and Mystical Power of Sacred Symbols
Across millennia, sacred symbols—from the exquisite geometry of mandalas to the profound resonance of the spiral or the elegant simplicity of the heart—have given form to our sense of the divine mysteries that shape the universe. Bridging history, civilizations, and languages all over the world, the beautifully illustrated symbols.

invite seekers of all ages into an immersive coloring experience, a journey through time, myth, dream, and vision. Facing the mystical images, wisdom-infused words invite readers to further color away stress and anxiety, and connect with an essence greater than themselves as they contemplate the universal wonder and power of these ageless emblems and icons of spiritual experience.

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Sacred Symbols Coloring Book Review

Sacred Symbols is illustrated by Lydia Hess and is one of the few hardback coloring books that I own.  It is bound by a very thick  front and back hard cover.  I have not seen a hardback book like this before for colorists.   The thick card appears to be an additional stick on to a hardback book.   It’s an unusual design, that makes for a sturdy book.   The book measures approximately 25cm x 20.5cm (approximately 10 in x 8 in).

The cover is decorated nicely in shades of yellow and red predominantly.  Elements of the front cover have been used to decorate the title page of the book.    Inside you will find vivid white paper that is smooth and good quality.   It is not artist quality paper but is very good quality.   The illustrations have been printed on single sided paper making it easy to slot a piece of blotting paper behind when coloring to avoid bleed through.

The illustrations of Sacred Symbols consist primarily of mandala type images ranging in different levels of complexity.    On the facing page of each illustration there is a word depicting the symbol.   The line work is strong and black.     Overall the lines emit a “hand drawn” quality with imperfect line weight and a hand drawn feeling.   I initially thought that the illustrations were very simple.

Sacred Symbols - Spheres

Sacred Symbols – Spheres

As I delved further into the book I realised that the artist has created a range of illustrations for different skill levels.   Those that have imperfect vision will appreciate that there are many images with thick black lines and large white spaces to color.

Sacred Symbols - Unity

Sacred Symbols – Unity


There are 4o illustrations in the book. The majority of the illustrations contain a border.  If you like mandalas and want a coloring book that is based on stress relief and relaxation then this may be a useful book to add to your collection.

Sacred Symbols Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of Sacred Symbols Coloring Book below:

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