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RHS Floral Colouring Book Review

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by Royal Horticultural Society
Published by Frances Lincoln on March 3rd 2016
Style: charitable works, color inspiration images, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover, Sewn

This RHS colouring book contains 45 floral images from the world-famous RHS Lindley Library. Each image is interpreted as a pattern to colour, taking inspiration from the forms and shapes of each flower.

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Royal Horticultural Society Floral Colouring Book

The Royal Horticultural Society is based in the  United Kingdom and is a well known charity that focuses on the joy of gardening.    Their work includes educating the public on gardening and horticulture.    The RHS was formed over 200 years ago with its first meeting aptly in a bookstore.     As well as educating through lessons and practical gardening techniques the RHS also runs a well established book store.    The store primarily focuses on gardening tips but has branched out to gardening and floral based coloring books for adults inspired by the gardens they manage.

Cover & Layout

The Floral Colouring Book measures approximately 25.5cm x 21.5 cm (1 in x 8.5in).   The cover is  matte with a teal background and a partially printed cover.   You could color the line work on the cover if you wished.    The cover has a slight textured finish. The spine is crimson and wraps around the back cover.    There are a few elements that you could color on the back.     The back contains a thumbnail of a colored flower and the accompanying line art depicting that flower.

The card cover has been printed with white line art against the crimson background on the inner front and back cover and protector page.    There is a double page spread at the start of  the book followed by copyright, title and introduction pages.   All of these ancillary pages would be great places to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your style of coloring.

The paper is bright white and a medium quality.   It should stand up to most mediums well except wet mediums like watercolors and alcohol based markers.

inspirational images and line art to color

Inspirational images are printed on the left side for each image in the book


The book has been presented to show a beautiful colored print of  a single flower on the left side of the page and line art depicting that flower as the theme on the right.      This means that both sides of the paper have been printed on

The illustrations have a lot of wide open spaces to make coloring easy

The illustrations have a lot of wide open spaces to make coloring easy

I am still undecided how I feel about the colored inspirational pictures in this coloring book.    One part of me thinks they are too pretty for words. I would like to cut them out and keep them.   However, if I did that then I would lose the line art on the reverse of the image.       The other part of me wishes that the colored inspirational picture was the same as the line art, rather than an inspiration for it.

The flower is used as a pattern in the line art for each image

The flower is used as a pattern in the line art for each image

The line art takes the theme of the flower being depicted but uses it as a full page pattern.      The line art on the whole tends to fill the page and abut the spine.     Coloring to the spine area of the book is easy due to the binding of the book and the fact that it lays down flat.    By creating a pattern of the flower it is inevitable that some elements will be lost and present as cut off on the page (ie half a leaf).

There is a large variety of flowers within the book

There is a large variety of flowers within the book

The line art has been drawn in black which makes it visually easy to see.    The majority of the line weight ranges from heavy to medium weight with some finer details for texture and dimension in a fine line weight.    Overall the images are very easy to see.

The inspirational image can be used as a color palette or choose your own

The inspirational image can be used as a color palette or choose your own

The floral patterns in this coloring book on the whole have very large open spaces.    This makes the book ideal for those with visual impairment whilst giving the experienced colorist loads of room to showcase blending techniques.

The book contains 45 floral coloring pages to colour

The book contains 45 floral coloring pages to colour

The Royal Horticultural Society has also produced the Floral Colouring Book in a pocket sized version as well.    These are usually great to take with you when traveling, commuting or for a quick break during the day.

RHS Floral Coloring Book Video Review

Where to buy the Royal Horticultural Society Floral Colouring Book

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  • I love love flowers…on my wish list..
    Thanks for making my wish list grow and grow and


    • I’m starting to worry about how big your list is lol! You might have a coloring collection soon that’s bigger than mine 🙂 Happy coloring x

      • It’s JUST a list right now. But tomorrow’s the 1s t, when I do make my Amazon purchases for month…lol
        So if you ever want to send yor “excess” book collection my way.(hehe) let me know.

        You are such a dear
        Hope your hand is ok…and hubby too


        • The hand is a LOT better but it’s still a little crimson. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have calmed down a bit. I’d love to send my excess to you (hubby is making some grunts about storage overflow) but the postage is so expensive it would be cheaper to buy in your own country! Hubby has promised me a coloring book. I set him a challenge to find the one that I want because it is not available at the normal spots. We’ll see if he can manage it. I think though that I will probably order it as his idea of new coloring book urgency and mine are very different lol. Happy coloring x

          • Mine makes the same grunts. O donated some of mine to a senior citizen group..have to mail from Ohio to New York. Did put my Amazon order in today..only 1 book tho…neede printer ink and cardstock

          • Only one book! I thought by the size of your list that you were buying up Amazon ha ha. Printer ink is such an expense here in Australia. I want to get that Instant Ink but it is not yet offered here 🙁 It would work out far more cost effective though! I do like my cardstock as well and it’s so nice to print things on paper how you want every now and again (especially since I am prone to mistakes lol) Happy coloring x

          • Hi Lea,
            In our last conversation you mentione “instant ink”?? What is that. I bought a new printer ~2 mos ago…all is great except ink cartridge. It’s so small, so dont get many pages out if it
            I use loser $$ brand, Hink (?HiInk)…works as well as name brand. Can get all r colors…black..magenta..yellow…blue…for 1/2 the price of JUST black name brand. Ridiculous.
            Ok , have ranted enough on printer ink…lol

            Have a super weekend

          • I don’t know a huge amount about it but many artists that I know swear by it for printing out pages without the huge expense that printer ink seems to be. We had it briefly in Australia as a trial offer but it is not something we have permanently yet here. When we do get it, I am pretty sure that I will sign up for it even though I will have to buy a HP printer (I have a Canon at the moment) because in the long run it will be less expensive for me. All the details are here – but basically you have a HP printer and sign up for a plan per month (which when hubby and I calculated saved us 100s per year on our usage) and when you are running low on ink they automatically send it out to you. You don’t need to worry about running out in the middle of printing a picture etc. Hope that helps x

          • Ok

            .now I knlw what you are able to referring to..
            Its a club where tben can figure out hdw much you use, and send you ink b4 you rin out. Only for HP..sigh

          • Yes ..only for HP. For me, I have a Canon but quite frankly every time I buy ink I can buy a printer cheaper so the HP option would be a better option for me. I’m not a super heavy user but it always runs out when I want it lol! Happy coloring x

          • P.S… Have bought 5 books from a lady who was selling hers. 5 books for $30…I’m happy…for this week…lol

          • Most are pattern books and kne us stajn glass angels.
            . There is a geomdtric design by Renee Strauss. 2 .A Tesselatiins one by Robert Schnek. Ndrine Martin’s Mandalas on black backgrounds. Then stained glass Angels by. Marty Noble. Love Nerines work and esl black backgrounds. Have wanted a book by Marty Nkbld.
            Sk hopefully can get to them sooner than later

            Have a wonderful day xxxx

          • Sounds like a great haul! I have a book on tesselations *somewhere* and some by Marty Noble too. Nerine is also an Australia and creates lovely coloring books. I hope you enjoy your haul! Happy coloring x

          • Nerine is a super good person..she is familiar with my history and always so considerate. Tesselations are nes to me. Never heard that word before, but they look fun…
            Ty ,as always, for your replied

          • Tessalations are a creation, as I understand it, of a well known mathematician, MC Escher – math and design and music have such a complimentary role to each other. I really wish I had paid more attention to math at school lol but I hated it then ha ha! Happy coloring x

          • P.S.
            Just bought 5 books, from lady online, who was downsizing her collection. $30 includes shipping.
            I’m happy for this week….lol

  • Mine is an Epsom Workforces

    The ink i use is Hi Ink thru Amazon but shipped from Canada!!❤⚘

    • Ink is just so expensive in Australia. My printer ink is often $30-36 but they sell the printers sometimes for $15 with free ink – go figure 🙂 It would be cheaper to just buy a new printer each time but I can’t bear the thought of all that landfill waste ugh! Happy printing x