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Professor Takashi Asada’s Brain Train Coloring Book Review Review

Professor Takashi Asada's Brain Train Coloring Book Buy on Amazon JP
by Youchan
on 9 September 2017
Style: double page printing, Perforated pages
Pages: 68
Format: Dust Jacket
Professor Takashi Asada’s Brain Train Coloring Book Review  Review

Professor Takashi Asada’s Brain Train Coloring Book Video Review

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Professor Takashi Asada’s Brain Train Coloring Book Review

The title of this coloring book has confused me. I usually use an online translator to try and ascertain the English version of a title. Often they make little sense on translation but you can take a guess with the words. This one I am totally not sure of. Hopefully, someone that is able to speak Japanese can enlighten me!

This book fell into the shopping cart when I was buying some other books from Japan. I hate my books to be alone in a box when they travel so usually I pop a travel companion in there with them. As this was a new release, I took a chance to see if I liked the pages from what I had seen of the cute cover.

Cover & Layout

On the cover there is a glossy dust jacket with partially printed color. The partial printing looks like pencil strokes so it is easy to imagine that you could color the picture as well.

The inside cover is a glossy card with clocks printed in blue printing. You could color the cover but would need to penetrate the glossy laminate to do that.

The coloring book measures approximately 9.8 in x 8.7 in.

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book there are 11 colored pages featuring table of contents and what appears to be instructions on coloring and using the book to stimulate your brain. As I cannot understand Japanese text, I am taking a punt here on what the meaning is.

You will notice that page numbers have been given in the book. At the rear of the book there are 8 pages of thumbnails from the book and what appears to be answers to an interactive component of the book. The last page contains copyright information. Any of these pages would be great for testing out your mediums.

A smaller image is on the left with the main illustration on the right


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the off white medium quality paper.  All images have been well centered and positioned away from the spine.   The illustrations consist of a smaller element on the facing page and the main illustration opposite.    The main illustrations have been framed in a nice border.

The pages are perforated, but it is very difficult to see the perforation guide and it does not tear out as easily as most perforated pages do.

Some dot to dot starts the brain training in the book

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this book are cute and simple.   You will find a variety of things to color including cute animals, cartoon like people,  buildings, food, interiors and some lovely outdoor scenes.    Colorists that are skilled with technique will make these pictures their own by adding in effects and transporting them to another level.    Colorists that like to color solidly will enjoy these images that are fun and cheerful to color in.

If you have a minor visual impairment, the crisp black, medium weight line art will be easy to see.    Most of the illustrations contain large open spaces on the page for ease of coloring as well.

It would have been nice to know what the interactive and “brain training” aspect of the book is but you can enjoy coloring the pages without knowing this as well.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Professor Takashi Asada’s Brain Train Coloring Book

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