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Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book Review

Pride and Prejudice: A Coloring Classic Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Chellie Carroll
Published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers on 5 July 2016
Style: double page printing
Pages: 80
Format: Card cover with fold out

"Fall in love all over again with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in this coloring book featuring patterns and details, classic quotes, and iconic scenes to color in. Includes a fascinating guide to the Victorian language of flowers"

Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book Review

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Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book  Review

As a Jane Austen fan,  I had to order Pride and Prejudice when it was first released last year. Naturally,  I expected to be transported back in time with the coloring book and also to refresh my knowledge of the wonderful Pride and Prejudice as well.

Leafing through the pages,   I could not imagine living in the way depicted.   Even simple things like wearing the elaborate fashions looks like a burden to me now.   My current attire is more track suit pants and fluffy slippers! However, I do like looking at the pictures of these days and can imagine coloring the long gowns and decorated jackets will be a lot of fun.

Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book

Cover & Layout

The first thing that you notice about the Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book is the weight.  It is actually heavier than expected for a standard sized coloring book.

The cover features line art depicting fans and gloves from the era with beautiful gold foiling as embellishments and used as the title.   The back cover does not feature line art.    The cover is a matte finish and could be colored if you wished.

The front inner fold out flap contains information about the illustrator, Chellie Carroll and Jane Austen.   Some decorative elements enhance the flap that could be colored.   The back flap features a bookcase laden with books to color in.

Pride and Prejudice: A Colouring Classic measures approximately 25cm x 25cm (9.8in  x 9.8in approximately)

Ancillary Pages

A plainish title page starts the book with copyright information on reverse.    This would be the best place to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.

At the of the book, there are three pages devoted to the Language of Flowers, which forms an interesting read and apt for the theme of the coloring book.

The language of flowers from Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the white, medium to heavy paper.

There are 38 double page scenes where the line art does run to the spine of the book.   Some of the single page scenes also have line art to the spine.  However, the binding is excellent and the book folds down flat very easily.  Colorists should not have any difficulty coloring in the centre of the picture.

Accessory page from Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book

Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The line art is beautifully drawn with varied line weights of fine to medium in the coloring book.    A crisp black has been used throughout making it easy to see the images.

There are two different types of complexity operating in the coloring book.   First of all, many of the drawings are outlined rather than elaborately detailed.    This gives the colorist a lot of options, whether to add in their own touches or showcase their techniques for blending and shading.    Colorist’s that have a minor visual impairment will likely appreciate these drawings as they are not as cluttered on the eye when coloring.

The other drawings are quite detailed with trees full of leaves and intricately drawn flowers.

Throughout the book, several of the pages have snippets from Pride and Prejudice incorporated within the illustration.   At first,   I liked this feature, as it was a good reminder to go and read Jane Austen.  Then I fell out of love with the snippets as many took up too much of the background of a page and they are are all in the same lettering style.   Now I don’t know, whether I like it or not.   I’m moody that way 🙂

Included in the book, are a lot of what I call accessory pages.   These are pages that depict an element that may be an accessory to an earlier picture or part of the theme depicted.  In this instance, there are pages of fans, kitchen utensils and silverware that for me, are accessory pages.

There are some beautiful pages and a wide variety of flowers throughout the book.    Although I like some of these illustrations,  I can’t help feeling that there are just a few too many in the Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book.   One of the bonuses of these types of pages,  if you are not keen on them, is that you can use your medium of choice on the reverse.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book

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