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Present – Coloring Book Review

Written by coloringqueen
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Published by グラフィック社 on 9 November 2015
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue Binding

A collection of illustrations relating to the joy of gift giving including bonus gift cards

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Present – Coloring Book Review

Present is a lovely Japanese coloring book that has a theme of  gift giving.  It includes typical presents of things we buy on special occasions for people we love throughout.  In addition, there are images of things that you associate with gift giving like birthday parties, sweets, ribbons, flowers and gift tags.

Cover & Layout

Present has a pink protective dust jacket with gold foil highlights on the title and some of the elements on the line work. The book within has a marbled pink effect card cover printed with sweets, outlined in purple ink. You could color both the dust jacket and the book cover. There is no line art on the inner part of the dust jacket, which is a shame.

The book measures 25cm x 25cm (approximately 9.7 in x 9.7 in).

Present - Japanese coloring book

A nicely decorated title page is at the start of the book followed by, what I presume is a double page scene for a copyright page. Both of these pages have lovely decorative elements that you can color in featuring necklaces and jewels.

The illustrations in this book are printed on both sides of the cool white, medium quality paper.

Present - Japanese coloring book


The illustrations are all things that you would imagine associated with present giving. There are lovely ribbons and bows, beautiful gift boxes, bouquets of flowers, toys, jewels, sweets and more.

Present - Japanese coloring book

The artist has illustrated various drawings that related to different special occasions. There are cute Christmas illustrations as well as birthday celebrations and even home made gifts like pickles and preserves.

Present - Japanese coloring book

The illustrations are outlined in black and have a fine delicate feel to them although the line weight is a fine to medium. The illustrations also have a hand drawn pen and ink quality to them.

There are 48 pages in the book that are double page scenes where the illustrations go into the spine of the book. This area can be tricky to color but the book does lay down flat making it easy to reach these spots. Several of these illustrations could have easily been re positioned on the page to avoid the spine area.

Present - Japanese coloring book

There are a number of images that are very detailed and small and may be too fiddly for some colorists. On the whole the images have a good amount of space to make it easy to color for all skill levels and to create beautiful blending on if you wished to.

Present - Japanese coloring book


At the rear of the book you will find some lovely gift tags, mini cards and stand cards to color. There are 8 pages of illustrations which have perforated outlines for easy removal from the book. The illustrations include pictures suitable for birthday, Christmas and general gift giving. It is a lovely touch and a wonderful extra bonus to find in the book. On the reverse of each page of illustrations you will find a detailed pattern. The imagery is quite small on the reverse and may be too small for some colorists to enjoy.

Perforated gift tags on one side and on the reverse a small patterned wallpaper

Perforated gift tags on one side and on the reverse a small patterned wallpaper

Present – Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of Present – Japanese coloring book.

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