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Pokemon Adult Coloring Book – ショウワノート 塗り絵セレクション ポケモン

Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Format: Dust Jacket, Soft cover, Stapled

This is one for the Pokemon fans 🙂 If you really love Pokemon then this new adult coloring book contains a variety of images with both patterns and scenes to keep you coloring.

Pokemon Adult Coloring Book – ショウワノート 塗り絵セレクション ポケモン

Pokemon Adult Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  the Pokemon Adult Coloring Book above.

Pokemon Adult Coloring Book Review

When I first seen this cute cover on Twitter  I knew that I wanted the Pokemon Coloring Book for Adults.   Little did I know at the time, how difficult such a small and relatively cheap book would end up costing.    It was quite difficult to track down because I could not read the text on the cover, there was no ISBN for the book shown and it had not been released.   Searching for “pokemon” books brought up hundreds of results as you can imagine, which would take far too long to sift through.    Finally,   I uncovered the book and found it on Amazon Japan where it was eventually, weeks later, listed.

The Pokemon Adult Coloring Book only cost $7AUD odd but ended up costing me about $25.     I buy books often from Amazon Japan, and I am always fine with paying for the shipping to Australia.   It is a cost that I expect.    However, the Pokemon Coloring Book sellers would not ship to Australia and would only ship domestically in Japan.     This meant that in order to receive the book,  I had to either ship it to a friend in Australia and have them on send it to me or find a buyer’s agent to buy it and send it on.   Effectively, you end up paying a buyer’s agent fee and twice the shipping cost.     I completely forgot that  I know people in Japan that could have sent the book to me and went with the buyer’s agent option.     This ended up making an inexpensive book quite expensive for what it is.     I’m telling you this, because unless you really like Pokemon, you may want to wait until the book is more readily available as otherwise the cost is very high for such a little book.



Cover & Layout

The Pokemon Adult Coloring Book is only a small book.   It measures 26.5 cm x 18.3 cm (10.8 x 7 .3 in approximately).  The front cover is beautifully illustrated featuring Pokemon in a fairground type scene that wraps around the whole of the book.   It has a lovely glossy dust jacket with fold out flaps featuring small images of  Pokemon.     I had hoped that these were little stickers but they are not 🙁   The book cover is white gloss card with pink printing.   The front and back cover features at first glance, flowers.   On closer inspection you notice the Pokemon characters hiding among the petals and leaves.

The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper.     The paper is medium quality and has a slight texture to it.    As it is only a small book, it has been stapled.    It lays down very flat which is quite impressive and makes it easy to color in.


Ancillary Pages

The title page is color and there follows 3 colored pages of thumbnails from the book.      At the end of  the book, you will find 2 pages each featuring two colored postcards (totaling 4) that you can cut out and send.

Pokemon Adult Coloring Book Image Gallery

Please click on the image to see a more detailed view.

[foogallery id=”4460″]


Most of the illustrations are single page scenes with only one double page spread.    It is a shame that the book was not presented on single pages so you could choose what mediums to use, rather than be restricted to pencils.

You will find most of your favorite Pokemon characters in the book in simple scenes.

The line art is dull black and a fine to medium weight.     Some of the illustrations are more detailed than others and may not suit those colorists that have minor visual impairment or problems with motor skills.

There are a lot of cute things to color in each illustration as well as the Pokemons.    You will find gems, crystals, bottles and frames that would look lovely colored in.

Whilst it is not a high end coloring book for adults, it is the sort of book that is nice to have around to have  a bit of fun with and color your favorite Pokemon characters while you relax.

Where to Buy Pokemon Adult Coloring Book

I purchased my copy of  the Pokemon Adult Coloring Book from Amazon Japan when it was first published.     At the moment, it is showing as out of stock, but keep checking for availability at the store or other Asian online retailers.   I used, Buyee as the buyer’s agent.   I was happy with their service.  The book arrived well packaged and promptly within a few days from Japan to Australia from the time of purchase.     I did not do a lot of research for a buyer’s agent, as there was only limited stock of the book and I needed to buy it before they ran out 🙂   You may be able to find another buyer’s agent that is cheaper, depending on where they are shipping to 🙂

Happy coloring x






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