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Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book

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on May 2016
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 72
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Fans of Beatrix Potter will love this gorgeous Peter Rabbit Coloring Book. It is filled with your favorite characters in a variety of landscapes and scenes for you to color in.

Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book

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Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed this lovely Japanese coloring book which roughly translates to Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy.

Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book Review

When I was a child I used to have a number of  the Beatrix Potter mini story books.       I used to love looking at the pretty pictures within the books and, of course, reading the stories that accompanied them.    I adore bunny rabbits and spend most of my spare time looking at pictures of bunnies on Instagram lol.    A coloring book that is based on  bunnies, and that brings back memories of those lovely Beatrix Potter books, is always going to rate highly with me.

My first Beatrix Potter Coloring Book though that I reviewed didn’t steal my heart as anticipated.    After going three versions of the book that had a printing error in each one, I soured on the bunny book.

As soon as I opened Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy I was in love.     All was forgiven, and I am in love with the Beatrix Potter themed books again.

Cover & Layout

The matte laminate cover of  Peter Rabbit’s World coloring book features a colored image of Peter Rabbit in the garden nibbling a carrot.      The art work has the appearance of pencil coloring.   The title, in Japanese, is set in a subdued pink rectangle at the top of the book.   There is text, in Japanese, on the far right of the book that I cannot read.    The white spine features text in Japanese in black with the publisher logo in red at the bottom of the spine.

The back cover is quite plain in comparison to the front cover, featuring four black and white images from the book with the balance of the cover being book information.

On the inner front cover, a half sized colored plate features an expanded image of the front cover of Peter Rabbit in the garden.   Details about the book are printed below including licensing information of the Beatrix Potter works.

The back inner cover features other Japanese coloring book titles by the same publisher.

Peter Rabbit’s World measures approximately 28.3 cm x  23 cm (approximately 11.3 in x 9 in)

Ancillary Pages

A lovely title page featuring Peter Rabbit surrounded by a branch with snowdrops and detailed leafy corner frames opens the book.   This or the following pages would be the best place to test out your mediums on the coloring book.

Six pages of  thumbnails from the book follow which provide a visual index of the art work.


All of the illustrations have been printed in portrait orientation throughout the book on both sides of the paper.    The paper is very smooth, good quality being cool white and  like a thin card stock.    Whilst the paper is far better quality than most coloring books on the market, it is not designed for wet media like Inktense or alcohol based markers.    As the images are printed on both sides of the page those mediums will bleed or shadow through to the other side.

The art work does run to the spine of the book.   However, the binding is very good quality.   With just a few gentle pushes you will find that the book lays down flat enough to color in these areas.

Most of the art work is presented as a double page scene.      There are  6 images where the art work has been contained within one page.

One minor niggle, is that the binding has removed a portion of a little bird’s beak and head and part of the “Peter Rabbit” text  in one illustration (p54).  I’m confident that with the guidance of the thumbnail image I can draw these features back in.   The balance of the images in the book are well positioned and well centered, so I’m prepared to forgive this oversight 🙂

Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book  Images & Illustrations

One of the things that immediately impressed me about this Peter Rabbit coloring book for adults is that the art work is all consistent.   It all looks like it has been drawn by the same person.    This is further reinforced by the line art being a consistent black color and generally a medium weight throughout.    Finer details have been added in a fine line.

You will find an abundance of bunnies in this book in garden scenes with a nice variety of flowers to color in.    You will also find your favorite characters like Mr Jeremy Fischer and Jemima Puddleduck.   Most scenes are outdoor nature based scenes  but  you will also find  interiors of the bunny house and the Ginger and Pickles store.

Colorists that have  minor visual impairment or motor challenges will find that many of the large spaced images will be easy to color in.     There are some pictures that have a lot of detail packed on the page.   These pages may take a few sittings to complete or require the magnifying lamp to be close by.

Those colorists that are skilled with coloring animals will have a lot of fun showcasing their techniques in this book.     Colorists on their training wheels, like me, may find coloring so many cute animals challenging.

Please click on an image below to see more detail.

[foogallery id=”5538″]


As we often come to expect and enjoy with Japanese coloring books, there is a little treat at the back of the book.     You will find 12 postcards, with space for address details on the back, printed two per page.    The postcards feature all your favorite characters including Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher.

I am not 100% sure because the paper quality in the book is so good, but I think that the postcards are printed on slightly thicker paper.   The postcards are printed in landscape and portrait orientation.

Postcards are also included in this coloring book

Where to Buy Peter Rabbit’s World To Enjoy – Japanese Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x






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  • This is just too darn cute…love seeing coloring books, on here, that I would not even stop to glance at.

    • I am completely smitten with this bunny book Connie. It is just sooo cute and so many bunnies!!!! It’s heaven for me 🙂 Happy coloring x