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Percy And The Colouring Adventure – Colouring Book Review

Written by coloringqueen
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by Narelle Craven
on 2015
Style: cardstock, Instructions - Tips, single page illustrations
Format: Card cover, Spiral Bound

Follow the adventures of Percy the Fairy Penguin from Australia

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Percy And The Colouring Adventure – Narelle Craven (Artist Edition)

Narelle Craven is an Australian artist and illustrator.   She has created a series of colouring books themed on a little Australian Fairy Penguin, called Percy.    Percy is an integral part of her colouring books because  colorists are encouraged to find “Percy” within the colouring pages.    Unlike some interactive colouring books, Percy is easy to find and should not cause many headaches 🙂

At the start of the colouring book, Narelle explains the story of Percy who she rescued.   This is obviously an issue close to her heart as part of the funds from the sale of the book are donated to a Wildlife Sanctuary based in Victoria, Australia.

This is one of the nicest colouring books I own.  It’s spiral bound – check,   it has cardstock – check, and the images are delightful – check.   This book was purchased direct from Narelle’s website in Australia and is now known as the Artist Edition.   She is gradually releasing these books in the US but as standard colouring books on Amazon (ie no spiral binding or cardstock).

Owl from Percy and the Colouring Adventure

Owl from Percy and the Colouring Adventure

Inside you will find a beautifully detailed information page and nameplate page.   The black outlines are strong, and solid in some places making it easy to clearly see where the lines are if you are visually impaired.   Percy is located on every page and you will easily get used to looking for him.   Please note, Australian fairy penguins, as the name implies are little and do not look like other penguins like Emperor that you may be more familiar with 🙂

You will also find hints and tips from Percy on colouring and enjoying yourself.   Percy says:  “There are no rules!” so go for it!

Percy and the Colouring Adventure

Percy and the Colouring Adventure

The front 6 pages are taken up with introduction, nameplate and tips but they are surrounded by images that you can colour in.   This is a great spot to practice what sort of look you want to achieve.   I have always seen this images coloured in vibrant, bright colours but there is nothing stopping your from selecting a more subtle palette.

There are 24 beautiful illustrations within the main book, many of which have a beautiful black background.

Percy And The Colouring Adventure Video Review

Enjoy the video review of  Percy and the Colouring Adventure by Australian artist, Narelle Craven:

Where to Buy Percy And The Colouring Adventure Coloring Book

You can purchase the Artist edition of  Percy and the Colouring Adventure from the artist’s website direct.

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About Narelle Craven

Narelle Craven is an Australian graphic artist based in Torquay, Victoria.    Narelle has previously worked in the fashion design industry.   She has three daughters who are often the inspiration behind some of the fairies and whimsical creatures you will find in her colouring books. Narelle is also inspired by all things vintage and you will see this inspiration reflected in the detailed and beautiful colouring books for adults she creates.

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