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Nina Stajner Coloring Book Review

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on March 2017
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Card cover, Stapled

A cute coloring book filled with adorable animals in cute settings as well as natural scenes

Nina Stajner Coloring Book  Review

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Nina Stajner Coloring Book  Video Review

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Nina Stajner Coloring Book Review

In my quest to find a colouring book from every country I am super pleased to show you my colouring book from Slovenia! Illustrated by Nina Stajner who draws the most whimsical and sweet animals the picture of the bunny on the front cover immediately enticed me. My hubby’s grandfather was from Slovenia.  Although I never met him, I’ve seen many of his photos from the country before they moved to Australia, and had hoped that I would find a colouring book from the area.  It is even better that my first coloring book from Slovenia features cute animals that I love so much.

Nina Stajner image

Cover & Layout

The cover of this charming hand made colouring book features a coloured illustration against a beige background. A cute little bunny inspects some leaves while on the back cover a squirrel is fascinated by a leaf as well. The animals give you an indication of the type of animals included in the colouring book.

The back cover contains a note from the art with details of her social media and website.

There is no title for the colouring book which is simply labelled “Coloring Book”

Measuring in at 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8 in) it is small in comparison to most colouring books on the market but not as small as on the go or portable colouring books that I have.

deer in the park Nina Stajner Coloring Book

Ancillary Pages

The front cover art has been recreated as a full page nameplate page for you to color in. At the back of the book an owl decorates a thank you page. Either of these pages would be the place to test out your mediums in the book.


There are 34 illustrations within the book in addition to the Ancillary Pages to color in.    Each illustration has been printed on one side of the thin to medium quality white paper.    There are no double page spreads within the book.      All of the images have a thin black border around them with an allowance of approximately 2cm white space.  You could well imagine these pages framed and decorating the bedroom of a child or a nursery (or maybe just a big kid’s office 🙂

Two penguins keeping out the cold Nina Stajner

Images and Illustrations  Nina Stajner Coloring Book

The illustrations in this colouring book are all sweetly pretty. Every page features an animal that is usually engaging in some form of “human” activity. They may be playing on the swings, having a picnic, knitting, painting an easter egg or creating spells in their cauldron. The little animals have generally not been adorned with outfits but may have accessories like scarves, hats and aprons on.

There are a handful of illustrations in the book that show the cute animals as they would be in nature enjoying sleeping or the stars in the moonlight.

Fans of whimsical art work will adore these cute little animals that seem to have so much character injected into their little poses and antics.

The line art has a hand drawn feel to it and the black, crisp lines make it easy to see. Variable line weights have been used to show texture and definition with some elements bolder than others.

Colorists that have minor visual impairment may find some of the elements like leaves too small to color without a magnifying lamp but should be able to enjoy colouring the bulk of the image. If you suffer from motor skill impairment or arthritis in your hands you may find that because the images are smaller as the book is smaller it may be too challenging to finish a picture in one sitting and may have to be worked on over time.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Nina Stajner Coloring Book

Nina Stajner Store

Happy coloring x



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