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Neverending Story Coloring Book Review

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Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover

With a Peter Pan theme you will find double page scenes from this fairy tale and an abundance of flowers to color in.

Neverending Story Coloring Book Review

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Neverending Story Coloring Book  Review

There’s something about fairy tales and colouring that seem to go together like peas in a pod or Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!   

Neverending Story is a cute, Korean colouring book with a theme of Peter  Pan but also contains a variety of other images like flowers and cute animals.    Maybe a few too many flowers 🙂

Cover & Layout

The cover features a glossy cover with partially coloured printing on it.  The printing is so vibrant and pretty that it is hard to resist when you see it online.

Neverending Story Colouring Book measures 25cm x 25cm (10 in x 10 in).

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page in Korean commences the book which has an English title on the reverse.

The nameplate page that follows features a small image and space to write your name.

Oddly, another title page follows which has text in both Korean and English and copyright information on reverse.    The copyright page is decorated with a cutesy Peter  Pan and Tinkerbell that are quite small.

All of the preceding pages would be a great place for you to test your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your colouring technique.

Yet another title page follows featuring text in Korean and English and adorned with images from Peter Pan for you to color.

The final ancillary page at the front of the book features a variety of images of items.    The text is in Korean but I presume that this is an interactive element where you have a list of items to find in the book but there is no answer key in the book.

The last page of the book features the text title again.   This page may be useful to set out your color schemes for the book.


Illustrations are printed on both sides of the off white, medium quality paper.

All of the images have been orientated portrait style in the colouring book.

There are 68 double page scenes where the line art does run to the spine of the book.  However, the books lays down beautifully and you will not have any difficulty in colouring in these areas.

Neverending Story Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The Neverending Story Coloring Book is filled with beautifully drawn illustrations.    My only disappointment is that they are not all fairy tale based.    

While it is always good to have a little variety in a book, in my view, there are just too many flowers in this book to warrant calling it Neverending Story.      

Don’t get me wrong,   I love the book and if I only had one colouring book then it would be great and have a good variety of pictures to color.    We all know though, that I don’t have just the one book 🙂   

You will find cute illustrations of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, lovely castles and turrets, adorable mushroom fairy houses, unicorns and sailing ships as well as cuddly and cute critters.

There are so many flowers in this book you may think that you have purchased a floral based colouring book.    Voluptuous daffodils adorns the pages with simple daisies and heart shaped leaves.   One of the daffodils looks like an old fashioned phonograph bursting with smaller flowers instead of music.   There are fields  of tulips,  pages of roses, mazes or leaves and flower frames.

The flowers vary in size from the full to the small giving a lot of variety in size and detail for the colorist.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Neverending Story Coloring Book

Ebay US SydneyBookland – Australia (email Paul) Buy from Korea

Happy coloring x



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