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Must Have Party Coloring Book Review

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Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover with fold out

Must Have Party Coloring Book contains beautiful illustrations of girls in various party frocks. There is a wide variety of themes from long gowns, traditional dress to modern day fashions.

Must Have Party Coloring Book Review

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Must Have Party Coloring Book Video Review

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Must Have Party Coloring Book  Review

When I seen the cover of this coloring book last year it reminded me of playing dress up as a child.    One day I would be a Princess and then the next a Japanese Geisha girl or a face painted cat.     Of course, my love of playing dress ups was enabled by the  years spent studying drama and taking part in local theatre.   One of my favorite roles was …..Alice from Alice in Wonderland 🙂

All of those costumes, wigs and face make up were a delight to play with and pure escapism.  It was far removed from my usual tom boy days of  horse riding, climbing trees, wresting with my brother and billy cart racing.     Not surprisingly,   I have no scars from my acting days – but plenty of dents, dings and scars on my body from my tom boy antics.

Cover & Layout

The cover features a purple background with a Princess style girl on the front and a portrait gallery of pictures in the background.

On the back cover, you can see the party girls featured in the coloring book with colored outfits on.   This serves as inspiration when coloring your own pictures.

Although the cover, has fold out flaps and is well presented it is very thin.    It is more of dust jacket thickness and material and not a card cover as you  may expect.

Must Have Party Coloring Book measures 28cm x 21.5 cm.

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page starts the book, with table of contents on reverse.    An extended title page, featuring the cover art, in greyscale follows.


The illustrations have been printed on both sides of  the paper.   The paper is off white and a good medium quality with a faint texture.

There are 7 party themes in the coloring book and each is prefaced with a page introducing the section.

Party themes for the book are:


Birthday Party

Pajama Party

Holiday Parties

Halloween Parties

Christmas Parties


At the end of each section there are is a girl or two girls in their underwear, each with a different hairstyle.     As the introduction page is printed on the reverse, you could cut these out and use them as your paper dolls.    I would glue them to heavier card though if you wanted to play with them 🙂  As the text is in Korean,  I’m not sure that this is the way that they are designed to be used though.   Usually with paper dolls,  you would have the outfits to color and tabs to stick them to your doll but the illustrations in the book are full models sans tabs.

The illustrations comprise a mix of double page scenes and single page scenes.   The bulk of the double page scenes have been well positioned to ensure that they do not encroach on the center of the spine too much.  However, there are a couple of pages, where the line art could have been better aligned to avoid the spine area (you can see these pictures in the gallery below)

At the moment, the spine on my book is quite stiff.   I am confident though that with use it will loosen for ease of coloring.

Must Have Party Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations comprise different girls in an outfit that suits the theme of  the section.    There is a variety of  different backgrounds and other elements incorporated on the page to color as well.

Party girls are presented as a full bodied image or a portrait.     There are no illustrations that present a  rear profile.

Different levels of complexity have been used with the images, with some pages having small, delicate details.   Other illustrations offer less ornate gowns and hairstyles.

You will also find some accessory pages in the book.     In the masquerade section there are some blank masks, presumably for you to add your own decorations to and there is a two page spread of bags and shoes at the rear of the book.   Thankfully, there are no filler or wallpaper style pages in the book.

Some images feature an elaborate border around them.

Colorists that enjoy adding backgrounds to images will be pleased with the amount of white space to add their own touch to.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”9853″]

Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy Must Have Party Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



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