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Misfits Coloring Book Review – Volume 1

Misfits a Coloring Book for Adults and Odd Children: Art by White Stag. Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by White Stag
Published by White Stag Art on March 25th 2016
Pages: 62
Format: Soft cover

"There are 25 lowbrow fantasy art single sided images to color, taken from the original art of White Stag (Terra Bidlespacher) featuring creepy cute feather brimmed big eyed girls in dark, humourous and whimsical situations. This book includes hobo princesses, zombies, unicorns, sailors and more"

Misfits Coloring Book Review – Volume 1

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Misfits Coloring Book Video Review

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Misfits Coloring Book Review

Misfits Coloring Book was recommended to me by a You Tube viewer a long, long time ago ūüôā ¬† This lovely coloring book full of cute and creepy girls has been stuck in the stack for quite some time now ūüôā ¬† If you are a fan of ¬†big eyed girls and the quirky art work that White Stag produces you might like this quirky¬†book. ¬† ¬† ¬†As well as being fun to color by coloring book fans, this art work can often be used creatively by card makers to make greeting cards for friends and family.

Everyone should have their own pet unicorn

Cover & Layout

Misfits Coloring Book has a black matte soft cover.    The colored cover art on the front cover has been included in the book for you to color as well.    On the spine, red and white stripes add a quirky touch and make it stand out on the shelf.   From a formatting point of view,  I have to admire the skill that it takes to create the spine art work in this way.    The back cover features thumbnails of the original art work that the coloring pages were taken from.  If you look closely at these, you will be amazed at the artistry and cute creepiness of the  art.

Misfits Coloring Book is A4 sized approximately measuring in at approximately 27.8 cm x 22.8 cm  (11 in x 8.5 in)

Ancillary Pages

A simple nameplate page opens the book which features a cute unicorn against a backdrop of black and white stripes.  A reproduction of a colored image in black and white features on the combined title and copyright page.    Over page there are some helpful tips for using your coloring book.

At the end of the book you will find another picture of ¬†a painting by White Stag reproduced in black and white that not only provides inspiration but also forms a dedication to the artist’s daughter. ¬† Two pages that are printed front and back in stripes follows, as well as two plain pages to finish the book. ¬† Any of these pages would be a great spot to test out your mediums and color palettes to use in the book.


There are 25 black and white drawings in the book to color which have been inspired by original artwork created by White Stag.     The pages are printed on white, trade stock paper with one image per page.  You will need to put a blotter between each page to avoid dents on the following page from pencils, or bleed through from markers.   Each illustration has been named at the foot of the page together with copyright information.  On the reverse of each page a striped pattern of black and white is featured.   There are no double page spreads within the book.

Misfits Coloring Book Images & Illustrations

The characters in the Misfits coloring book ¬†are presented in odd situations and with added fantasy characters like unicorns. ¬† ¬† This is a quirky take on a lot of coloring books that feature “big eyed girls” or “cutesy” girls and has a fun feel to it in a slightly odd way. ¬†When you have a look at the colored paintings by White Stag they are somewhat creepy and some downright spooky. ¬† ¬† ¬†The line art can be colored with a creepy feel to it as White Stag is known for, but you could just as easily color in a cutesy style for a delightfully different result.

Some of the illustrations are weird which makes them appealing and different in a world where so much is same same.    A girl  entwined in a tree with three blindfolded characters with slabs of wood surrounding her gives me chills up my spine.  Always a sign that art is doing its job, when it gives you a strong feeling.   Happily,  I can turn over and enjoy looking at the chunky horned cat on a picnic with a horned fairy.   These are the sort of illustrations that you cannot just quickly glance through and dismiss as cute girls.

All of the art work  has been drawn in a crisp, black outline making it easy to read.     The line weight varies between medium and heavy, although there are some finer lines in some elements.    Colorists that have minor visual impairment or motor skill challenges will be pleased that the bulk of the drawings have large open spaces.  A handful of images contain smaller tightly packed details.

The line art has been centered and positioned well on the page avoiding the spine area making it easier to color in.

Misfits can be enjoyed by both children and adults of all skill levels.    The art work would look great just colored solidly without fancy techniques.  Advanced colorists could creating stunning works of art using techniques.

Most of the images have enough white space to add background pizzazz if you wished to.

Please click on an image to view more detail.

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Where to buy Misfits Coloring Book

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  • Not my kind of book but see many coloring this type. Think it will be a success…but who am I…lol

    Ttyl Lea


    • White Stag are pretty well known for their odd ball art and have a large fan base. This book is a little old from my “old stack” – I think they are up to their sixth book now! Luckily, there is a coloring book for everyone (or more than one he he)! Happy coloring x