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Maui Mermaids & Island Whimsy Girls Coloring Book Review

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by Hannah Lynn
Published by Permuted Press on February 27th 2018
Style: Paper: white tradestock, single page illustrations
Pages: 112
Format: Card cover

Color your way to the island of Maui with the Whimsy Girls!

Escape under the sea with tropical mermaids and their adorable ocean friends; then bask in the sun with hula girls and surfer pals! Enjoy 50 unique pages to color featuring Hannah Lynn’s popular wide-eyed Whimsy Girls. From beach sunsets to moonlit luaus, island pets, tikis, and more, you’ll feel like you’re on island time! 

Maui Mermaids & Island Whimsy Girls  Coloring Book Review

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Maui Mermaids & Island Whimsy Girls Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Maui Mermaids Coloring Book illustrated by Hannah Lynn.

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Maui Mermaids Coloring Book  Review

Fans of Hannah Lynn’s sweet and whimsical girls will no doubt love this mermaid themed coloring book.    As well as mermaids there are also some whimsical island girls include cute little hula dancers.

Often Hannah’s books contain illustrations that have been duplicated, so you can color the same page twice or in case of a mistake, you have a backup copy.    In Maui Mermaids the 50 illustrations are all unique, with no duplicates.

I believe that this is the first coloring book that Hannah has not self-published but has published through Permuted Press.

Cover & Layout

Maui Mermaids features a glossy soft cover with a colored image on one side and a collage of line art on the other.    On the back cover, there are three thumbnails against the colored background.

As the book is quite thick it allows the title and artist name to be displayed on the spine.

Maui Mermaids coloring book measures approximately 8.4 in x 10.9 in (roughly A4 size).


Ancillary Pages

A collage of different illustrations features as the title page for the book.   This is followed by a message from the artist with some coloring tips.

Hannah always labels her images and provides a thumbnail of each.     There are two pages featuring these thumbnails.    The names make it really easy to reference these pictures on social media and in coloring contests.

At the back of the book, there is a page for advertising of other books by Hannah Lynn and a blank page.     Any of the preceding pages would be ideal to test out your mediums and color schemes before diving in.


There are 50 illustrations in the book to color, excluding the Ancillary Pages.   All of the illustrations have been printed on one side only of the white paper.   It is my belief, that the paper is trade stock paper.  My copy of the book has thin pages. As you can see from the video, you can see the line art on the reverse of the page.     If you prefer a heavier paper you can purchase Maui Mermaids as a digital pdf and print on your paper of choice.

Each illustration has been centered and positioned well on the page, producing a balanced look.   A border that surrounds each image also ensures that colorists do not need to color near the gutter of the book.

Art Work

Personally,  I don’t know how Hannah managed to draw 50 different mermaids and other island girls in different settings.    That’s quite a lot of images with one theme that is not in storybook format.    If it was me,  I would have run out of steam and ideas after the first 30 or so.

In this coloring book, you will find illustrations of mermaids in the water and on the beach with other related elements to color.  You will also find full body images, close-ups of faces and a variety of different hairstyles and outfits.

One of the great things about Hannah’s work, especially those new to coloring skin and hair,  is the detail that she puts into the hair on her whimsical girls.    You will see that the hair is always clearly segmented, making it easy for colorists to find the mountains and valleys to show highlights on.    Hannah’s books,  I always think are ideal for practicing skin and hair colors.

Most of the illustrations in the book contain background, foreground, and other detailed elements.     There are varying levels of complexity but Hannah does tend to fill the page with artwork.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will appreciate the thick black lines that Hannah uses, but may find that they need to color in short spurts due to the amount of detail on the page.


Detail Level


Where to buy Maui Mermaids Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



About Hannah Lynn

Hannah Lynn is a self taught American artist living in Idaho. Her original artwork is hand created using watercolor pencils and ink. She also works with acrylics on wood. Her talent ensures that she can do her own graphics for online marketing as well as creating coloring books and trading cards.

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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