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The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales – Coloring Book (グリム童話の不思議な世界―ぬりえBook)

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Published by コスミック出版 on 7 December 2016
Style: double page printing
Format: Dust Jacket, Lay Flat Binding

Escape to the world of Grimm Fairy Tales depicted in a whimsical, cute style that will surprise and delight you. You will find detailed images of your favorite fairy tales. In the sometimes harsh world of Grimm Fairy Tales you will find these drawings deliciously sweet.

The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales – Coloring Book  (グリム童話の不思議な世界―ぬりえBook)

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The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales – Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review above of  The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales Coloring Book.

The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales – Coloring Book  Review

This gorgeous Japanese coloring book was released in December 2016.    When I first seen the cover I was immediately smitten with the cute representations of  fairy tales.     It seems that many of you were as well.   In a sneak book of  new books, even though it was mostly hidden behind another, it was the one that I received the most emails and messages about 🙂   I have to tell you …..or maybe warn you… is super cute!   If you love whimsical, cutesy drawings and fairy tales you may well fall in love.

Cover & Layout

The glossy dust jacket features partially colored images on it from scenes from well known fairy tales like Cinderella.    The back cover again features the lovely pastels on a fully colored whimsical depiction of a fantasy scene featuring a lovely donkey, dog, cat and bird in a hidden world.     The front fold out flap features text in Japanese.   The back fold out flap features colored thumbnails of various other coloring books (from a quick peek there are only 2 here that I do not have).

The inner part of the dust jacket has a candy pink background with outlines in white depicting various animals, flowers and scenes from the fairy tales illustrated in this book.

A matte laminate card cover with the dust jacket imagery reproduced forms the cover of the coloring book proper.   This can be colored in with your alcohol markers as the card is quite sturdy and no imagery has been printed on the reverse.

The book measures 25cm x 25cm (approximately 9.8 in x 9.8 in)

Ancillary Pages

An outline font has been used for the title page which is framed by filigree birds and a butterfly.

At the rear of the book there are two pages of text surrounded by adorably cute elements to color and the copyright information on the last page of the book.    These final pages of the Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales Coloring book would be an ideal place to test out your mediums and choose color palettes.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the cool white, medium quality paper.      Testing discreetly in the book you may be able to use water based markers like Tombow but alcohol markers like Bic Markers or Copics for example would bleed to the other side. Usually “wet” mediums like Tombow, watercolors, inktense or alcohol markers are not suitable for coloring books as they are not designed for these mediums.  You may find the paper will pill or the color will soak to the other side damaging the art work.    Ideally, the coloring book is made for pencils.

All of the images have been orientated portrait style.    The bulk of the art work has been drawn as double page scenes with  26 pages where the art work is contained on one page.

The Magical World of Grimm Fairy Tales Images & Illustrations

As most readers will know,  I adore cute and whimsical art work.     This Japanese coloring book of fairy tales has completely stolen my heart.      I can just imagine, when my coloring improves,   begging hubby to buy me the full set of Holbein colored pencils for my birthday so I have a delicious selection of pastels to color in this book.

You will be enchanted with whimsical drawings across double page spreads featuring Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White  and many of your favorite fairy tales.     The art work is very detailed and the artist tends to use the whole of the page packing it with imagery.    I can imagine a double page spread taking days if not weeks for some to complete.

The line art is crisp and clear but more of a dark grey than black.   Please note that I had to alter the lighting on the video review as it was a very sunny day when filming.

You will find an adorable assortment of cute animals,  quirky buildings, elaborate interiors and more.

Most of the art work has a lot of detail and due to the dark grey outline, colorists with minor visual impairment may struggle.  In order to review the book I had to pop my reading glasses on to see the line art more clearly.      Some of these illustrations will also require me to plug in the magnifying lamp in order to have a hope of staying between the lines.

If you have a motor impairment,  many images may be too challenging to tackle,  although there quite a few with large, open spaces for ease of coloring.

One thing that I love about my Japanese and Korean coloring books is the attention to detail that enhances a colorist’s enjoyment.     The binding on this book is a dream.    Even though the illustrations do run to the spine, it lays down easily making it a simple task of coloring this area of the book.       The binding is not quite of the class of the Mysterious Library – Korean Edition if you have that book and are looking for comparison, but is certainly very good.

Please click on an image to view more detail.

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