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Line Friends – Let’s Go! Coloring Book Review

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on January 2017
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing, Poster
Pages: 84
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue Binding

Line Friends - Let's Go - based on the popular Korean characters this coloring book is packed full of cuteness and whimsy.

Line Friends –  Let’s Go!   Coloring Book Review

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I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Line Friends –  Let’s Go!   Coloring Book

Line Friends –  Let’s Go!   Coloring Book  Review

I have seen the cute little characters that comprise Line Friends around the internet before, but I have to admit that I never knew what they were called or anything about them until I seen the cute Line Friends Colouring Book. As soon as I seen the cover with the cute bunny, teddies and duck on it, I knew that I had to have it. It’s my type of book with cute characters in it, fun and whimsy and pictures that are not overly detailed and complicated for my basic colouring skills. Line friends is extremely popular in Asia and the Line Friends website claims it is the number 1 character in Asia.

Line Friends appear to have a voice mail app, a game, a movie and  a number of  You Tube Channels as well as their gorgeous store where you can pick up Line Friends Swag.   I feel like I have been truly missing out not knowing Line Friends before I seen the coloring book!

Here’s one of their cute little videos.

Cover & Layout

The cover is a matte laminate with partially coloured areas and part line art so you can tell at a glance it is a colouring book. The design wraps around the cover and over the spine. Inside, fold out flaps show you the characters that are the Line Friends in color, with their name. Cony the rabbit has immediately become my favourite followed by Choco the bear and Sally the duck, although they are all adorable.

The inside cover is blank with nothing to color here 🙁

Two lemon coloured pages have been inserted both front and back to form a protective cover between the cover and the colouring book proper.

The book measures approximately 25cm x 25cm (10 in x 10in)

Line Friends Coloring Book roller coaster ride with hot air balloon in the background

Ancillary Pages

The plainest of title pages with just the name of the book and the licensing information on reverse follows. This would be the best spot to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your colouring style.

Over page an extended title page follows with publishing information on reverse.

Finally, the magic begins with a coloured image of the Line Friends which is followed by a full page coloured image introducing each character in the book. Fortunately, the names are written in English and Korean


Images have been printed on both sides of the smooth, white, medium quality paper. All of the images have been orientated portrait style. Throughout the book the bulk of the art work is either a double page scene or line art that still runs to the spine area. Even though this area of a colouring book is usually tricky to color, the binding is quite relaxed. With further use, I am confident that the spine will relax enough to color these areas with ease.

Line Friends Coloring Book pillow fight scene and birthday party

Line Friends –  Let’s Go!   Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Sometimes, I track a book down and when I find it, it’s not what what I expected. Not so, with Line Friends – Lets’ Go Colouring Book. If possible, I am more in love with these cute little characters than when I first seen the cover online.

Let’s Go starts with a double page scene of the some of the characters under a balloon type font of Let’s Go. We then move through the book following these cuddly cuties on their adventures. They visit Fantastic Land, with merry go rounds and castles to color, they play on roller coasters, win prizes and even get into Sherlock Holmes outfits to do a spot of detecting.

As often is the case in our Korean and Japanese cooking books there are lots of illustrations of food. Looking at the birthday party spread for Sally the duck, made me exceptionally hungry with pies, cakes and cupcakes on offer.

The Line Friends have an action packed life that makes me feel slightly jealous. Not only do they visit the car races, but they even win! Of course, some of the Line Friends are too busy on their rocket ships or celebrating Halloween for such frivolities.

The Line Friends Colouring Book really takes you on a lovely whimsical journey. It’s pure escapism where you can lose yourself in their adventures and just enjoy colouring for the sake of it.

I am amazed at the variety of images that have been included including camping scenes, Christmas and Winter themes and sometimes our little Line Friends actually sleep!

The line art is black and crisp and very easy to see. Colorists  that have a minor visual impairment will find  that quite a lot of the book has images with large open spaces making it easy to color in, without small details.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”7837″]


A pull out poster has been included in the book of the Line Friends rooms for you to color in. The poster is about 70cm x 49cm.   You will find also that coloured images of the characters have been provided with little stands for you to play with and the line art as well if you prefer to color your own.

Line Friends - Let's Go Poster of their living room

Detail Level


Where to buy Line Friends –  Let’s Go!   Coloring Book

Ebay Gmarket

Happy coloring x



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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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