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Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book Review

Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier ! Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
Published by Hachette on June 29th 2016
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing
Pages: 112
Format: Card cover with fold out

"Entrez dans la peau d'un illustrateur et participez a la legende des films cultes de la maison Disney !Retrouvez pour la premiere fois reunies dans un grand livre de coloriages les affiches de cinema originales des plus grands classiques Disney: des premiers films Mickey a Robin des Bois en passant par Peter Pan ou Le Livre de la Jungle, replongez dans la magique des gands classiques Disney"

Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book Review

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Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book Video Review

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Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book Review

Many readers may already know this,  but I am a sucker for Disney.    I adore Disney.    In fact,  I collect Disney merchandise and have done so for many, many years now.   One of the highlights of my life has been visiting Disneyland in Anaheim years ago.    Yes,  I am one of those people that have Minnie Mouse ears .   Somewhere around the place, I am sure there is a photo of me and Mickey and Minnie.     When a You Tube subscriber pointed out this book to me, I immediately fell in love.   How could I possibly resist that colored picture of Pinocchio on the cover of this French Disney coloring book.   Plus,  it also satisfies my need of having a coloring book from everywhere in the world. So there we have it;  a tick mark against France!

Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorie is a French Disney Coloring Book

Colored images are included for all the line art in the book – Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit

Cover & Layout

The cover of  this gorgeous Disney Coloring Book features Pinocchio holding a sign that has the tittle on it.   In the background we can see the line art for other characters in the book.      The card cover is a matte laminate which makes it easy to resist grubby fingerprints.

The spine features the title and publisher’s logo on it.    This is a thick book and is heavy to lift as well.      It is no surprise to me that the spine measures in at 1.2cm.    Bear in mind that shipping may be a little more expensive as this is a thick, heavy book.

On the back cover you will find 4 small thumbnails from within the book, as well as publisher’s text about the book in French.

On the fold out flaps of the book at the front you will find the line art of the cover.  On the back you will find Bambi and Thumper (too cute for words).  You could color these sections if you wish, but your mediums will need to be able to penetrate the matte laminate.

Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book measures 36cm  x  25cm  and is an oversized coloring book, as you will see from the video review (it was difficult filming it!)

Oodles of pictures of Mickey Mouse in See Peter Pan in this gorgeous French Disney Coloring Book

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page opens the coloring book which is surprising considering how many gorgeous characters there are inside.  Over page, copyright information has been stated.   This would be a great spot to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.

A three page text in French follows which features pictures of Mickey Mouse,  Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

The coloring book has been divided into sections.    At first there are the coloring pages.   A full page with text and a patterned background introduces the coloring pages section of the book.    This is followed by colored pages of the original art work if you want inspiration to color your own pictures.

Another section follows which contains the balance of colored images from the book.    From my hopeful translation,   I believe this section is titled “Disney Masterpieces” but of course, I could be wildly mistaken 🙂

At t he end of the book you will find a page of colored thumbnails form within the book.    One of the things that I adore about the book is that the final page features the lettering and logo that we are often familiar with at the end of Disney movies that states “The End”.   It’s such a nice touch and gives the book a real nostalgic feel.


All of the illustrations have been presented on both sides of the  smooth white, medium quality paper.    Each image has been orientated portrait style throughout the book.      There are no double page spreads.    The images do run up to the spine and at the moment the spine is very stiff and rigid.  I am hopeful that Mr Muscles may be able to push the spine down further for me but if that fails I may need to remove the binding from the book.

My only quibble with this gorgeous book relates to the layout.    I so wish that the images had been presented as single pages, and a tad away from the spine of the book.     However, with my love of Disney this will not make a difference to me because I am prepared to work with what has been provided as the art work is so beautifully Disney.

Personally,  I would recommend colored pencils with this book as the paper is on the lighter end of medium and as there is line art on the reverse that could be damaged.

Bambi in Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorie

Les affiches mythiques Disney à colorier Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this coloring book all have the feel of  a movie poster about them.   You could imagine them on the side of a movie theatre advertising the latest Disney feature film.    Inside you will find line art for  Walt Disney movies you may have known from your childhood.    It includes the following characters and pages  – Mickey Mouse’s adventures (15)  Donald Duck  (including one with Chip n Dale) (5)  Pluto (1 ) Goofy (2 )  the gang (1)Snow White (3) Pinocchio (2)  (including the cover art)  Dumbo (3)  Bambi (2) Cinderella (3) Alice in Wonderland (2) Peter Pan (2) Lady and the Tramp (1)  Sleeping Beauty (2), 101 Dalmatians  (1)  Merlin (1) The Jungle Book (1) Aristocats (1) Robin Hood (1)  and Winnie the Pooh.

As you will notice,  the book is heavily weighted towards showcasing the original characters created by Walt Disney of  Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck  with popular feature films also represented.     When compiling a Disney coloring book, that encompasses a variety of  Walt Disney’s work, the task would be difficult.   Which ones to include and which to omit would be incredibly hard.     I think, on the whole,  the publishers have  done an excellent job of showcasing the works of  Disney and the selection of  line art to include.

The line art in the book varies between a strong crisp black line to a finer black line.     The variation in line art is possibly due to different Disney artists drawing the works that have a different style.    On the whole the line art is easy to see and there are only a couple of pages that I may need to pop my glasses on to ensure that I can see the lines when coloring.

Including the original colored art work in this book, which also notes the title of  the movie at the foot,  was a master stroke.   It makes the book an art book,  a coloring book and a collector’s item all rolled into one.        The colored inspirational images also can assist with your own colored pieces and give you inspiration.    I find myself looking at these pictures and noting the highlights,  the shadows and the texture and depth, that before I never appreciated.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment or motor skill challenges, will find that many of the illustrations have large open spaces and lovely crisp, black line art making it easy to see and color.      There are, however, some images that pack a lot of elements into the picture like Cinderella,  101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan that may be too challenging to color at once.

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