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Island of Colors Coloring Book

Island of Colors Coloring Book Buy from the Artist/Author
by Evelyn Gyuris
Published by Self Published Style: cardstock, single page illustrations
Pages: 25
Format: Card cover

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Island of Colors showcases a variety of hand drawn illustrations giving the colorist a theme of summer and a range of images to color in that theme. You can escape to a summer music festival or just enjoy the beautiful blooms of nature.

Island of Colors Coloring Book

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Island of Colors Coloring Book Video Review

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Island of Colors Coloring Book Review

Evelyn Gyuris is a talented artist from Hungary that specialises in creating hand illustration and handmade products. So far she has produced three coloring books that are all hand drawn and printed and bound by her. Her current coloring books are – Dream Woods, Book of Mandalas and Island of Colors.

In Island of Colors Evelyn was inspired by the natural beauty of  summer and popular music festivals that take place during the season.


Cover & Layout

The card cover of Island of Colors is thick card that has a metallic sheen to it.    On the front cover a collage of line art from within the book creates a quirky cover image.    All of the line art can be colored in on the front cover. The back cover features the same metallic card with thumbnail images for each of the 25 illustrations in the coloring book.    The cover uses 250 gsm cardstock so you can happily use any medium you wish on it.

The coloring book is A4 sized being  29. 5 cm x 21 cm (approximately 12 in x 8.3 in).    All of the colouring books that Evelyn creates follow the same size and layout format.

The thing that I love about Evelyn’s books is the binding.    All of her colouring books are bound with bronze colored ribbon threaded through two hole punches.     This touch ensures you immediately know that you are receiving a hand crafted product but is so practical and convenient for the colorist as well.      Simply undo the bows and remove the image that you wish to color, frame or gift to someone.

Ancillary Pages

The inside cover page contains a short introduction from the artist together with some gorgeous line art of a girl meditating.   It leads you into the purpose of coloring to relax.



There are 25 hand drawn illustrations depicting memories of summer within the Island of Colors Coloring Book.    Each image has been drawn on a single page.    The paper is white and good quality technical drawing paper of 180 gsm.     I use my tombow markers on  Evelyn’s drawings without any pilling to the paper at all.     You can see my tombow colored images from Evelyn’s Book of Mandalas on Instagram here.

The images in the colouring book have been orientated in both portrait and landscape style.

All of the images have been centered and positioned well on the page which makes it not only visually appealing but easy to color all areas.   There are a few illustrations where the hole punch marks for the binding go through part of the line art.


The art work is all hand drawn by Evelyn in the book.     Evelyn has a very distinctive style of art that uses a lot of black in her images.    You will find crisp, black medium to heavy weight line art throughout the book and some solid black in pictures for definition.      I like the strong lines as visually it makes the art work easier to see.       This is particularly helpful for colorists that have minor visual impairment that makes coloring finely detailed artwork challenging.

The art work in this book ranges from images of people, beautiful flowers, scenes, slogans and quotes.   In addition an intricate leafy maze has been included in the book (a larger version of this maze is in Dream Woods).

Most of the images have background elements added to them but there are a few images presented solo that would benefit from background effects being added.

Artwork fills the bulk of  most of the pages with plenty of things to color in for the colorist.    Some images have a lot of detail in them and will keep you coloring for hours.

Island of Colors Coloring Book Image Gallery

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Where to buy Island of Colors Coloring Book

You can purchase Island of Colors from Evelyn Gyuris at her shop Evelyn Illustrations here.

Click here to see my review of  Dream Woods Coloring Book which was Evelyn’s first adult coloring book and Book of Mandalas by Evelyn which I’m coloring my way through at the moment.

Happy coloring x





About Evelyn Gyuris

Evelyn Gyuris is an illustrator living in Budapest, Hungary. Her hand drawn illustrations are inspired by nature.

About the author


I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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