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Grimm Fairy Tales – Adult Coloring Book – Different Seasons

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by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Anthony Spay, Talent Caldwell, Daniel Leister
Published by Zenescope on October 11th 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 96
Format: Soft cover

Discover your creative side with this collection of art that includes 45 pages of "Grimm" illustrations. Color the pages and change these costumed, modern day fairy tales characters to frightening monsters.

Grimm Fairy Tales – Adult Coloring Book – Different Seasons

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Grimm Fairy Tales – Different Seasons Coloring Book  Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video walk through of the Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book – Different Seasons above.

Grimm Fairy Tales – Different Seasons Coloring Book

This is the third coloring book produced by Zenescope Entertainment.   Zenescope produce a number of  products like graphic novels and comics that are beautifully drawn and presented.   They also have produced coloring books  previously for adults including Grimm Fairy Tales which was  followed  with Alice in Wonderland and Robyn Hood – I Love NY Coloring Book (available from their website)

The art work is all produced by a number of artists to create one book with a common theme.   This talented team of artists specialize in giving fairy tales a Grimm outlook.   The publishing blurb on this book states that it is filed with “spooky illustrations”.  I have to say that after reviewing Beauty of Horror I find these illustrations a little tame.   I think a lot has to do with the layout of the book.    The illustrations are presented on one page, which is great for colorists, but doesn’t give the artist a lot of space to create a spooky scene.

Cover  & Layout

Grimm Fairy Tales is a soft cover  glossy book approximately A4 sized.     It features  your favorite “Zenescope characters such as Van Hesling, Roybn Hood, Cinderella, Keres and many more” .    The cover art is stunning featuring  day of the dead imagery in black, grey and red predominately.     The back cover features a publishing blurb and some colored roses.   There is nothing to color on the cover for the colorist.

Ancillary Pages

There are three ancillary pages in the book comprising a title page, artist credits and tips on how to use the book.    These would be a great spot to test out your mediums.

Grimm Fairy Tales - All Seasons


The book is printed on thin, white paper which I would describe as trade stock quality.      The illustrations are printed on one side of the paper.   When coloring, ensure you pop a few pieces of paper behind the image that you are working on to avoid dents or bleed through to the page underneath.

All of the images have been orientated portrait style.

The images have been thoughtfully positioned in the book so that they do not abut the spine of the book, making it easy to color the elements on the left hand side.


The illustrations are well drawn in a sketchy comic book style.    As different artists have drawn images there is a difference in the look and feel and flow of the book.  A couple of  of the illustrations look similar in pose to others.    Some artists use more shading and fine lines than others in their images.    The line weight will vary throughout the book depending on the image and the artist who created that piece.

You will find a multitude of your favorite Zenescope characters with different characters and costumes throughout the book to color.   Fans of graphic novels and comics will love this style.  You could virtually create your own comic book story.

In total there are 45 images in the book to color in.

The book does contain approximately 7 pattern based images.   These consist of a number of patterns including simplistic roses and sugar skulls.   They  feel out of context with the rest of the book and I feel strongly that they do not belong in this book.   Whilst I appreciate the efforts of the creators providing variety within a book for all colorists, I often think it is more important to stick with a theme and be consistent.     Most colorists, have more than one coloring book, in my experience, and can always get variety somewhere else.

Grimm Fairy Tales - All Seasons

Simple Pattern

Unfortunately, through no fault of the publishers, my book has 5 pages in it that are badly creased and would be difficult to color.     Due to the high cost of return shipping the book for a replacement to Amazon Japan – where I purchased the book – I am stuck with a book that does not present as it should.

Grimm Fairy Tales – Different Seasons Coloring Book Image Gallery

Click the images below to view more detail.

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