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Gnomes in the Neighborhood Coloring Book Review

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by Denyse Klette
Published by Castle Point Books, St. Martin's Griffin on 09/10/2018
Style: Paper: medium quality, single page illustrations
Pages: 128
Format: Card cover, Glue & Stitched

A gorgeous new book of whimsical gnomes to color. Features 62 pages of illustrations printed on a single page showing gnomes enjoying every day activities in their neighborhood

Gnomes in the Neighborhood Coloring Book Review

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Gnomes in the Neighborhood Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Gnomes in the Neighborhood  Coloring Book illustrated by Denyse Klette.    This is the final book in the series, but hopefully not the last coloring book from Denyse Klette.

Coloring Book Cover & Layout

Denyse Klette’s art encompasses a quirky and whimsical imagination that is hard to resist.   First, she challenged our conception of a fairy with the wispy  Fairies in Dreamland that could not keep their eyes open.   The concept of that book continues to amaze me.    Then she gave us Mermaids in Paradise.   Again, she challenged us.   These were not the mermaids that we see so often depicted in movies and books.   These mermaids were like real people of different shapes, sizes and cultures.    Mermaids in Paradise always makes me think of partying mermaids.    When Denyse said her final book for St Martin’s Press would be based on gnomes, I was a little disappointed, to be honest.  I couldn’t imagine how she would create Gnomes with her trademark difference.    As soon as I saw the cover though, I knew that Denyse’s gnomes would be similar to what we expected, but with her signature style and quirkiness of her interpretation of a gnome.

Gnomes in the Neighbourhood features the same card cover and layout style as her previous books. Measuring in at 9.8 x 9.9 inches and comprising 128 pages it is thick and sturdy and guaranteed to keep you busy for a while.

Art Work

What I adore about this coloring book is that Denyse has managed to keep the flow and theme of her previous books.    There are subtle references to fairies and mermaids (and cameo appearances along the way).   Her signature style of drawing cute birds and luscious flowers is present throughout the book.

The artwork takes us on a journey of the neighborhood that the gnomes reside in.   To be honest,  I had never thought that gnomes would reside anywhere but the woods.  I guess, like people,  there are rural gnomes and city slickers.    This is the way Denyse works.   She does the unexpected and challenges us with her art.  Sometimes it can take a beat to adjust to that.  Art is meant to be enjoyed but great art also makes you think.   Now that I think about it, why should all gnomes live in woods surrounded by mushrooms and trees?

All of the illustrations are printed on white, medium quality paper with one image on the page.  There are no double-page scenes within the book.

The line art in the book is black, crisp and easy to see.      Denyse uses varying line weight throughout with some images looking more hand drawn than others.

You will find gnomes in their adorable tree houses, hanging at the beach, gardening and even falling in love.

There is a lot of detail on each page and if you have a minor visual impairment you may need a magnifying lamp.   There are a couple of pages featuring gnomes in the book that are a little small for my old eyes but nothing turning on the magnifying lamp and actually wearing my glasses won’t fix.

If you are a fan of cute and whimsical this colouring book can provide you with days and days of fun.     Even if you are completing your collection of Denyse’s coloring books I am sure just flipping through the pages will bring a smile to your face.

Detail Level


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About Denyse Klette

Denyse first started painting as a child for the school play murals.  At an early age she knew that this was what she wanted to do with her life.  Her murals, landscapes and paintings have been shown around the world in galleries and corporate offices.    Denyse also as a sculptor created Disney characters and then went on to create characters for children including for television.  Fairies in Dreamland is the first coloring book from this talented Canadian artist.

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