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Glintarts Twinkling Masterpiece Review and Giveaway

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I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the product or the content of my review.

A new world of coloring - using foil sheet stickers to color a masterpiece

Glintarts Twinkling Masterpiece Review and Giveaway

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Glintarts Twinkling Masterpiece Product Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review and demonstration of Glintarts – Twinkling Masterpiece “Starry Nights”

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Glintarts Twinkling Masterpiece

Glintarts is a Korean based company that creates a new form of  “coloring” product, based on famous paintings.    At the time of writing, they have created 11  coloring by sticker kits.


There are several sticker based “coloring books” on the market but they differ from these products in two main ways.

The Glintarts color by sticker kit consists of foiled sheets rather than stickers.  Every picture you create has a complete foiled and sparkling final product.   In addition, the “stickers” or foil is not pre-cut and glued.  Whilst there is a reference picture, you are free to complete the picture however you wish.    This gives far more creativity to the project.   You can choose either to follow the colors used in the reference picture for a realistic approach.   You can change the colors used and create your own inspired masterpiece, or you can create foiled effects.

In my demonstration,  I started by following along with the original colors used on “Starry Night”. Soon my personal taste dictated that I must use more purple in the picture.  Luckily, the kit comes with more than enough foiled papers that you can easily create your own color combinations.        As I played more with the picture I discovered that you could also use the foil to create effects.

What’s inside the kit

  •  a foam based pad (similar to a mouse mat) that has line art printed on the card on top.
  • tweezers (they have a fantastic point on them!)
  • 36 foil sheets
Foils used to create Glintarts masterpiece

Glintarts provide 36 foiled sheets (I had 6 full sheets leftover after I finished “Starry Night”

How to use the Glintarts Twilight Masterpiece Kit

I would recommend, based on my experience, that you sort your foil sheets out first into colors.   Some of the foil sheets you will receive multiples of the same color and others you may only receive one color of  (depending on the colors used in the image)

Once you have decided on your color, use your tweezers to gently remove the section of white card from the picture.    This will reveal the black surface below that has a tacky/sticky surface.  In order to ensure the maximum “stickability” of the surface try not to touch it with your finger direct. Be ready to add your foil to the surface within a short period of time. If you leave it exposed for a few minutes it may lose its stickiness.

Take your sheet of foil and place it on the exposed area of the picture (colored side up).   Rub in with your finger and gently remove.   When removing the foil, to ensure all the foil stays on the area, use the same technique as you would when waxing your legs or quickly removing a sticking plaster/bandaid.  Have your hand close to the area of the foil that is being removed rather than far away.



Make sure you are ready to foil straight away once you have removed the protective card from the area of the picture you want to work on.

Work on small sections at a time.

Ensure you check your foil for right side up.  If you accidentally stick it the wrong way, you may lose the stickiness to correct the mistake.    With the colored foils, this is very easy to check as they have a colored front and a grey backside.  However, with the metals, especially silver, it is a little harder to work out.

You can be even more creative with your foils.   Rather than just sticking a segment with a solid color you can either a) remove just a bit of the card and add foil to a little area within the segment, before completing the balance in another colored foil or b) you can remove the whole piece of card from a segment area and rub different foils over different areas of the segment.  I was able to create some great effects by doing this and in some parts of the picture, it looks blended.

As the picture is foil, it is incredibly sparkly and so photographing it doesn’t truly represent how pretty it is in person.

My completed “Starry Night”


Color by sticker is an amazingly relaxing way to spend your time.   Once I became familiar with how to use the kit,  I really enjoyed it.   Initially, it helped me to focus on just one thing.  After a stressful week that was a fabulous result for me.   I was surprised to find how long I had spent at my first sitting “coloring”.    I  finished the balance of the picture off camera so I could truly enjoy the experience.   It took me several sittings of an evening to finish the picture, doing a bit at a time, while watching TV.    Some people may work faster than me …but I truly enjoyed the slower process.  For me, it was very meditative and relaxing.

Detail Level

Glintarts rate each of their kits with a level out of 5.   Both kits that I have shown in the video are rated 3 out of 5 difficulty level.


Glintarts were kind enough to send me both “Starry Night” and “Bouquet of Japanese vase” .   In turn, I’m going to pay it forward and give away “Bouquet of Japanese Vase” to one lucky person on my YouTube channel.     To enter – head over to my YouTube channel and follow the instructions on the video.  Please note that the prize will be forwarded to you directly from me and not from Glintarts.   Glintarts is not responsible for providing the prize. 

Glintarts bouquet of Japanese flower

Where to buy Glintarts Masterpiece


Happy coloring x


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  • Lea, thank you for showing something different. That does look fun and relaxing.

    My favorite artist ever is Thomas Kincaid. Last year when we took a family cruise, my mom saw a painting by Kincaid called “the Cross” that we hadn’t seen before, and my dad ended up buying it to go on their dining room wall. Who ever heard of buying art on a cruise ship? Lol. I love all Kincaid, especially his Disney stuff, but I have to say that painting is one that draws you in-it may be my new favorite ever.

    I hate that the new rules kicked in for the tax thing so you can’t order from Amazon Japan. I would feel left out, especially as you ordered a lot from Amazon Japan. Do you have someone who can order for you and ship packages to you?

    • They were super fun! I love Kincaid as well ..however I find his coloring books too advanced for me (maybe one day). I think it’s pretty cool that your mom was able to come back from a fabulous holiday with a painting that she loves! What a way to remember a trip! The geoblocking is really a pain 🙁 Luckily ? I’ve been unemployed since end of June so I’ve had to be very sparing with my purchases anyway. Probably a good thing lol! I could ask friends in Japan to forward for me …but I don’t really want to intrude and put people out. It makes me feel uncomfortable to do that 🙁 Luckily, there’s so many books that I have already that at the moment it’s not much of an issue. Happy coloring x

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