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Friends of Nature Coloring Book Review

Friends of Nature Adult Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Jowie Lim
Published by Self Published Style: Contains Extras, single page illustrations
Pages: 32
Format: Soft cover, Stapled

Beautifully drawn illustrations depicting fantasy style girls surrounded by elements of nature

Friends of Nature Coloring Book Review

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Friends of Nature Coloring Book Video Review

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Friends of Nature Coloring Book  Review

The art that Jowie Lim draws is hauntingly beautiful.    Her fantasy girls surrounded by beautifully detailed botanical elements are enchanting and it is hard not to full in love with the book at first sight.   I fell in love with it, when I seen the cover art, as is often the way with me.     The dark and Autumn tones looked interesting and unique when so much of my world is pastel pretty.

Cover & Layout

Friends of Nature Coloring Book has a soft cover with partially colored line art on the cover.  As a bonus, when you purchase the book, you also receive the full colored image of the cover art printed on 250 gsm textured paper (signed on the back).  The cover art is included in the book for you to color as well.

The back cover of  Friends of Nature coloring book features 5 thumbnail images from the book.

On the inside cover, some flowers form the scene for a list of artworks included in the book.   As you are purchasing the book from the artist direct, it is also signed on the front inside cover.

Friends of Nature Coloring Book is a tad smaller than A4 measuring in at 27cm x 21cm approximately.

Ancillary Pages

My only niggle with this beautiful book is that there is not a spare page to test out mediums on …or a beautiful nameplate page.


The 32 illustrations are printed on single sided white paper which is 110 gsm according to the artist.    The paper has a different feel from paper generally included in soft cover coloring books being very smooth and almost shiny.

As I had concerns about how pencils would react with the paper,  I tested it out with Prismacolors and Polychromos.   Both performed well on the paper, although I do feel that my Prismacolors performed slightly better.  As expected, alcohol markers shadow on the reverse of the paper.

If you are using markers make sure to pop a few scraps of paper between the pages to avoid any damage.   I use a sheet of laminated paper between pages which can easily be wiped down.

All of the illustrations have a border surrounding the image and are well positioned and centered on the page.    Each illustration has been orientated portrait style.

Friends of Nature Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The art work in this book is beautiful.  In fact,  I could imagine this one day in a lovely luxurious hard back with matt black protective pages ..I’m daydreaming now!    Jowie Lim has managed to pack into this coloring book beautifully presented women on each page.

The women portrayed in this coloring book come from all cultures and have been appropriately decorated to suit their nationality.  You will find that even though Jowie uses very few pen strokes that she manages to  pack a lot of facial expression into the images.

In addition to the images that represent various parts of the world there are fantasy style images includes as well.   Semi nude mermaids, woodland fairies and a fairy with a penchant for snakes are also included in the book as well as many others.

Each page maintains the theme of the title of the book featuring nature in some way.   It may be beautiful flowers, or lush foliage or even an animal,  but there is some part of nature represented on each page.

Jowie tends to use the whole of  the page for the art work but fans of doing backgrounds will still find enough space to add some special effects if you wished.

Many of the pieces of art work in this coloring book give you opportunities to practice techniques like coloring feathers, bubbles and scales.

The line art is black, crisp and very easy to see.     It has the appearance of hand drawn ar with fine textures being added and use of lighter colors to express veins on leaves for example.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment could certainly tackle this book as it contains many areas of open spaced elements.  However,  I would switch on the magnifying lamp and do a bit at a time as there is a lot of detailed art work on the page.

Please click on an image to view more detail

Detail Level


Where to buy Friends of Nature Coloring Book

Artist Website

The hard copy book shown in my video is no longer being printed.   Instead the artist has released the book as a pdf download here.

Happy coloring x



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