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free coloring pagesAll of the artists in this directory provide free coloring pages for fans to enjoy – either via direct download or via an email subscription.

This is a fantastic opportunity to test out artistic styles and find out what you love to color in.

If you love the art work please consider supporting these talented artists by purchasing your favorite coloring page or coloring book from them, when you have the opportunity.

If you have time, show the artists you appreciate their hard work by tagging them on social media, when you share your colored page.

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About :

Joyce is Crafty has been producing craft related products for a number of years.  She has now added coloring books to her repertoire producing a number of coloring books.   You will see a range including butterflies, mandalas, quirky abstract type designs and even a sweary style book.
Download free coloring pages from the site (no sign up)

You can see an example of  her artwork from her published books here:

About :

Steve Turner is known as Squidoodle due to his intricate doodle type designs.    Steve is very generous with his art work and often creates special pages for good causes including breast cancer, autism and project semi colon.

Steve also provides free coloring pages from his upcoming coloring books (if you follow him online) as well as a large selection of  various coloring pages.

Download your choice of free coloring pages here from Squidoodle.  At the time of writing there are 15 coloring pages to download plus the good causes pages.

There are a number of Squidoodle coloring books on the market, a selection is shown below, including a "sweary" one: