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Flower Fairies Coloring Book Review

Flower Fairies Coloring Book Buy on Amazon JP|Buy from Etailer|Buy from Booktopia
by Cicely Mary Barker, 日本語
on 10 June 2016
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue & Stitched, Postcards, Posters

Beautifully illustrated fairies that take their color scheme from a well known flower.

Flower Fairies Coloring Book Review

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Flower Fairies Coloring Book Coloring Book  Review

Flower Fairies Coloring Book is based on the illustrations of the late Cicely Mary Barker. Cicely was renowned for her delicate fairies that were named after different flowers. These lovely flower fairies have been reproduced into all manner of things including calendars, art books and of course, coloring books.

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There are two coloring books that feature the flower fairies. The one that is the subject of my review which is a Japanese coloring book and contains gorgeous colored images for each piece of line art …as well as a few other treats.

The other book is called The Flower Fairies. I have not reviewed this English edition of the book but believe it does not contain the same illustrations and format of this one.

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Cover & Layout

Flower Fairies Coloring Book features a gorgeous colored dust jacket with fold out flaps.   On the front cover a variety of fairies frolic among the many featured flowers.   The cover is indicative of the type of  illustrations you will find inside. On the back cover, our fairies are slightly younger and  are colored in a beautiful mix of green tones.

Flower Fairies Coloring Book measures 11.8 in x 8.3 in (Australian A4 sized)

Ancillary Pages

The title page is a color reprint of the front cover art.     It gives the book a real feel of luxury having a full color page at the start of the book.   At the start of the book there is a double page introduction in Japanese text.

At the end of the book, there  is a lovely page with just some colored flowers in the corner.    Copyright information is on the reverse.    This would be the best place to test out your mediums.

There are 22 colored pages at the end of the book setting out the details of each fairy and their name in English.   There is other text in Japanese, presumably giving a bio about them, but I cannot read it 🙁


Flower Fairies Coloring Book has been printed in color throughout.    The book follows the format of providing a colored double page scene which is followed by the line art over page.

Except for two illustrations, towards the rear of the book, all of the illustrations are double page scenes.    Line art does run to the spine of the book and, at the moment, the book is very stiff and  hard to push down.    For once, I am not confident with my muscles and will pass this task to Mr Muscles.    I do feel though, that this may be a book where I will have to snip some of the stitching to loosen it up a little.

The paper is a light off white and a medium quality.

Flower Fairies Coloring Book  Images and Illustrations

Fans of delicate fairies and various flowers will love this book.      There are so many gorgeous illustrations on each page and packed with so much detail in the background and other elements that it is difficult to choose where to look first.   I still am fascinated with the colored pages and find them charming and oh so old world pretty.    They remind me of lovely antique teacups and beautiful flower filled gardens.

This book is all about the fairies  and the massive variety of flowers in each scene.  These fairies use petals as hats, have sweet little shoes and lovely little dresses just above the knee.    their wings are so light and delicate it could be a butterfly on their back.  Flower Fairies also features some male fairies as well and even a little kissing scene.

The line art in this book is grey.    It varies in intensity but for the most part the outlines are a soft dull grey. The line weight for the most part is fine to medium.       This is not a coloring book sadly for those with a visual impairment as the grey of the images, together with the amount of detail on the page could make it a real struggle.    Additional shadowing has been added to the illustrations which also varies from a light feathering to a solid fill.    It is like a delicate greyscale.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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There are two beautifully colored postcards at the end of the book with the line art for you to color as well.

There is also a colored page packed with 9 mini cards for you to cut out and use as well.   There is no accompanying line art.

A gorgeous mini poster completes the book.   Sadly, the colored poster  has been printed out on both sides of the paper.   If you wish to frame the poster you will need to decide which one to display of the two provided.

Detail Level


Where to buy Flower Fairies Coloring Book

Amazon JP Etailer Yes Asia

Happy coloring x



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