Favorite Finds – December 2020

Every month I share with you my favorite finds from around the web. It's basically a snapshot of the things that have taken my fancy online that I want to share with you.

Favorite Finds – December 2020

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The end of the year is fast approaching in Australia and it’s going to be a hot and strange one!   Part of me wishes that we have a cold and snowy Christmas where we could drink mulled wine and snuggle on the couch.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you do at this time of year, I wish you happy holidays.

Check out my favorite finds that have caught my eye this month

I love the Victorian era! So many innovations were created in this era it’s hard not to be fascinated.   One of the things that charm me is the fashion of the era – corsets, crinolines, bustles, petticoats, and bonnets!  I love the thought of them (especially that teeny, tiny waist) but I don’t want to swap my yoga pants for the outfits!   Coloring these gorgeous and elaborate outfits is something that I would much prefer to do.  Luckily,  I have spied that Ellie Marks has a new coloring book called Victoriana Coloring Book   Like her previous coloring books,  Flower Haiku and Age of Elegance it is available in PDF format, Artist’s Editon, or a print on demand format using Amazon’s KDP service.

You can check it out here.

If you want to be inspired by clothing from this era then I recommend that you check out the fashion pages of the Victorian and Albert Museum.    The great thing is you can immerse yourself in the era without leaving the comfort of your home.


If you ever feel like you want to escape your own home to a world of cute cottages then this coloring book might be the one for you! Vladislava Schafferhans has released a Cottages Coloring Book! This coloring book features the cutest little houses in the sweetest settings, you may be tempted to pack up your bags and move in  …or just color them instead!     Vladislava (Adi) has created a flip through of this coloring book so you can take a peek inside here.

You can either grab Chaloupovanky (Cottages) Coloring Book on its own here or take advantage of the many bundles she has for her coloring books.

At the moment,  Adi has bundled this gorgeous coloring book with her Christmas-themed coloring book, Tichá Noc (Silent Night) Coloring Book which is also available as a digital download here. This book is so cute you will want to color Christmas scenes all year round!    You can see a flip through of Silent Night Coloring Book by the artist here

At the time of writing, the price is unbelievably low for two spiral bound artist coloring books. Shipping costs will vary depending on where you are located in the world.

You can check out the bundle of coloring books here.

Korean illustrator, Doming, who previously gave us the gorgeous Doming’s World Fairy Tale Coloring Book has released a new coloring book which roughly translates to The Strange Bottle Encyclopedia Coloring Book.     This coloring book has the same features as the previous, with colored inspirational images …..but the imagery is far darker and sometimes a little surreal in what I have seen of it.   The line art that Do Ming uses continues to be sketchy and when colored will produce a painterly-like result.   This coloring book really pulls on the emotions for me and like most great art, I find that I cannot look away and keep returning to look at the illustrations.  I would love to hear what you think about The Strange Bottle Encyclopedia Coloring Book which you can find here.   I’m definitely putting it on my wish list because quite frankly, I can’t stop thinking about it!

When you combine a fabulous colorist and a new love for drawing you end up with Inking My Dreams.

Inking my Dreams is a new Etsy store that features digital downloads of coloring pages and bundles. You can find sweet florals, Christmas themed images, and a fabulous pack of 10 mandalas that I picked up (you know I love to be soothed with a good mandala!).

You can check out Inking My Dreams here



If you love a bargain ……….

I love coloring Myka Jelina’s artwork as you can see here. Myka has a number of coloring books, coloring pages, and bundles of coloring pages in either grayscale or line art. As well as gorgeous things to color she also sells color prints if you are looking to hang some art on the wall. My favorite things to color are her cute Minikins in grayscale! I love them so much that I’ve even bought the same set twice lol (I’m so forgetful!).

At the moment Myka has a sale of 15% off most of the items in her store here! I am not sure how long the sale will last but I hope you have a chance to grab a bargain. I treated myself to some gorgeous coloring pages that I can’t wait to color over the holiday period.

What I’m watching 

This month has been busy, busy for me so I haven’t had time to watch any coloring channels on YouTube or catch any live streams :(.


My viewing has been restricted to programs that David and I can enjoy together while he is off work on holidays.      We are still obsessed with The Big Bang Theory and binge-watched it twice back to back.      I’m actually really sad that we have finished it, but I think we need a little break before watching it again.

We have watched a few Christmas movies and we are gearing up to watch an Aussie film, A Sunburnt Christmas tonight.

What I’m listening to

I am a bit behind listening to podcasts by Tim Ferris so I am endeavoring to catch up.   I often pop on YouTube or a podcast while I do housework to keep me company or while I color.   Tim is one of my favorite podcasters due to the range of speakers and subjects that he canvasses on his show.         Tim’s interview with Jim Collins (one of my favorite business authors) has kept me company today while I freshen the house up for Santa.

What I’m cooking

It’s time for Christmas baking and I couldn’t be happier!    Usually, it is far too hot in Australia to consider a hot meal and the humidity usually makes gingerbread men droop.     This year, there has been a cool change and a hot lunch is on the Christmas menu featuring roast pork, Brussel sprouts and bacon, and roast veg!   This is being capped off with a plum pudding and custard.        It’s not often that we enjoy a hot lunch for Christmas so I am looking forward to that.

To keep us in the Christmas spirit during the day I am baking some gingerbread people.  It’s been so long since I’ve made gingerbread that I hope I get the recipe right.  My go-to place for recipes online is actually an Australian website called RecipeTinEats.   Nagi gives out great tips and often her recipes come with a handy scale where you can adjust the servings and ingredients list to suit you.

What I’m reading

I adore textbooks, business books, and of course fiction.   At the moment, I’m re-reading The Barefoot Investor.     This book gives some useful tips and advice on setting your finances on track for the future in an easy to consume format.  It’s a light read and only took an hour or two for me to read it the first time around.

What made me laugh

It’s been a crazy year and sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.   This funny mug has given me a few chuckles just looking at it!   You can find the mug here

funny 2020 christmas mug







Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Seasons Greetings

Lea x

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