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Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book – Klara Markova

Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book by Klára Marková
Published by Self Published Style: Contains Extras, double page printing, Paper: medium quality
Pages: 112
Format: Hardcover

Finally …the wait is over and we now know the name of Klara Markova’s new coloring book and …….the SECOND coloring project that she has been working on.

Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book (fingers crossed)  is due for release in the second week of October 2020.

I can’t wait!!!!

It will first be released via Klara’s Etsy store and will be available for order in early October 2020.   Obviously, the global pandemic and the disruption and delays with shipping may play a factor in the release date and delivery of the coloring books.

Klara Markova’s latest coloring book features her usual attention to detail and luxury in the coloring world.

The illustrations in the new book “will be full of lovely fairy creatures, kind-hearted witches, cats flying on brooms, bats that like to embroider and many many others.”

The coloring book is consistent with Klara’s other coloring books however it will only be released as an English edition.      This makes me a little sad as I used to love collecting the Czech edition as an art book.    I can certainly understand though the reasoning for the decision which would make inventory, shipping, and cost less problematic.

Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book features:

  • Fifth coloring book in the series
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages (same page count as previous books)
  • a cream shade of paper ( the same as in previous coloring books by Klara)
  • Gilding on cover
  • Bookmark to color
  • Page with opening “doors” for an interactive touch and consistent with all of Klara’s previous coloring books

Klara has advised that Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book will be available on Amazon US a couple of months after the release date.

You can see my reviews of Klara Markova’s previous coloring books here:  Magical Delights, Tenderful Enchantments, Fairy Miracles, and Fairy Celebrations

but wait there’s more ……

I Believe In Fairies – Artist Edition

As well as releasing Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book , Klara is also releasing her second coloring project,  “I Believe in Fairies” which is a loose-leaf collection of 32 images to color and one colored image.    The illustrations are printed on cream watercolour paper, 300 gm .   The illustrations are sized at 12,5 cm x 17,5 cm (a bit bigger than A5 in Australia and smaller than A4 – similar to large postcards).   Klara is a master at presenting her work in the best way and I Believe In Fairies is no different.  It comes presented in a folding box that also has gilding on the cover.

It is hoped that I Believe in Fairies will be released at the time as Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book (fingers crossed).

Although Klara has not stated it,  I think that I Believe in Fairies will only be available via Klara’s Etsy Store and not on Amazon.  I could, of course, be wrong.   I will update this post when I know more information.

I Believe in Fairies Artist Edition coloring bundle

Where to buy Fairy Touch of Magic Coloring Book by Klara Markova

coming soon
coming soon
coming soon

Happy coloring x


About Klára Marková

Klara Markova is a Czech jewellery designer and illustrator.    Her jewellery is created using traditional methods and has a sense of dreaminess and magic about it.   Little fairy houses and fairy bracelets have been created in silver and delicately molded.  There are amulets and crystals that are widely used.    Her jewellery is very indicative of her drawings in her first coloring book.    There are flowers, leaves, crystals and fruit representations that have been recreated into magic rings and fairy bracelets.   This similar imagery  is also in the coloring book and reminds you of her hand crafted jewellery.    An artist that creates jewels like this and lives in a dreamy, magical world  could only reproduce the same in illustrative form.   Her first coloring book, Carovne Lahodnosti (Magical Delights) reflects this magical world of elves, fairies and crystals and other delights.   Like her jewellery this coloring book encompasses a craftsman touch with a high attention to detail.

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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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