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Fairy Shampoo – An Enchanted Coloring Book – Review

Written by coloringqueen
Fairy Shampoo: An Enchanted Coloring Book Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Jo Su-Jin
Published by Waves of Color on March 1st 2016
Style: double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

A collection of beautifully detailed fairy artwork that offers hours of stress-reducing coloring and a treat for the eyes
Fairy Shampoo: An Enchanted Coloring Book is one of the most beautiful books on the market— a collection of fairies adorned with an impressive and diverse array of nature-themed patterns cascading from their hair. With eighty-three different fairies drawn by the talented Jo Su-Jin, Fairy Shampoo offers a variety of images to color for all skill levels, and makes a beautiful art piece for any collection.

Fairy Shampoo – Coloring Book Review

I adore the cover of Fairy Shampoo.  It is so vibrant and happy and unlike most “fairy” books that it seduced me online and I had to have it.    Inside this lovely 25cm x 25cm (approximately 10 in x 10 in)  book you will find 83 lovely illustrations.

The title page gives no clues as to the drawings inside being rather plain in contrast with the vibrant cover.   A copy of the cover art (including the title) follows.   The coloring book has a table of contents which shows that this book is divided into 4 parts – Fragrance of Dreams, Fragrance of Friendship, Fragrance of Love and Fragrance of Freedom.    There is also an artist foreword with a lovely poem presumably written by Jo Su-Jin.

The paper is white and very good quality.    Without being an expert on paper, I would describe it as being medium to heavy weight but certainly not card stock.     As there are some introductory pages at the start of the book, I would test your wet mediums there to see how they react with the paper.    The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper.   Most of the drawings are not double page scenes so I do think it is a shame that it wasn’t printed on single sided paper.   It is a minor negative, in an otherwise cute and quirky book.

Fairy Shampoo Coloring Book

Fairies with lots and lots of hair!

I love the line work in this book.  It is black, crisp and medium to heavy weight.    I used to have perfect vision but as I  have aged my sight is certainly not what it was.   The outlines of the illustrations in this book are so easy to see it is a dream to work with (and will surely save me from further frown lines).

Sometimes titles can be misleading or lose something in translation.    However, in this case, both the title and the cover imagery are very apt.  You can tell at a glance that this book is about fairies and shampoo or hair plays a large role.

Fairy Shampoo

Fairies that feature flowing locks

The fairys featured in this book are unlike other fairys I have seen.   They are modern, quirky and have elaborate hair styles.   The detailed artwork in the hair of these girls is amazing.   There is hair made of flowers, flowing into the water, shaped like water amongst other elaborate combinations.      These fairys have mostly blank facial features with only the eyes present.   The rest of the detail is in the hair and background imagery.    One of the things that I’m slightly confused on is that these fairys lack wings.   I would love to know more about these fairies and wish there had been a little information included.

Fairy Shampoo

Fairies printed on both sides of the paper

This fairy coloring book is ideal for those with visual impairment as the line work is very easy to see.   In addition, although the work is detailed, there are numerous images that have large areas of space to color in.   These large space areas are certainly easier for colorists with visual, arthritic or motor skill issues.

Fairy Shampoo

Fairy Shampoo – fairies with intricate hair

The book lays down flat with some firm pressure.     There are a few images out of the 83 that are drawn to the spine of the book but the majority of illustrations finish just shy of the spine.    On the whole, it should be easy to color the areas near the tricky spine.

Fairy Shampoo Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review of  Fairy Shampoo Coloring book below:


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About Jo Su-Jin

Jo Su-Jin is a Korean illustrator. Fairy Shampoo is her first coloring book for adults published in North America. She is well known for her intricate and detailed illustrations.

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