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Fairy Miracles Coloring Book by Klara Markova

Fairy Miracles Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Klára Marková
Published by Self Published on 19 October 2018
Style: Interactive, Paper: medium quality
Pages: 112
Format: Hard back

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Czech artist, Klara Markova first released Magical Delights Coloring Book just two short years ago   Then last year she gave us the beautiful Tenderful Enchantments Coloring Book.    This year Klara continues to enrich our colorful worlds with the beautiful Fairy Miracles Coloring Book.

There is something about Klara’s artwork that tends to make me very emotional.   I often think that there is a bit of fairy dust that gets in my eyes when I see her artwork.   It could be the whimsical art that is both beautifully drawn with creative and inspired settings.  It could be the little fairy doors that you can cut out and assemble on your fairy houses.   This is such a beautiful and unexpected touch that makes my heart melt whenever I see it.    The interactivity takes me back to my childhood and cutting out paper dolls to play with.

Klara’s beautiful artwork is accompanied by a luxurious, high-quality presentation.   Mr Muscles is not allowed to touch Klara’s coloring books in my collection unless he has washed his hands first 🙂 Each book in the series features a hardback cover with gold foiling (both front and back) and beautiful off-white, medium quality paper.

Fairy Miracles Coloring Book will feature 112 pages (including more fairy doors!) and 4 double page scenes with the balance single pages.    It will be released in both an English Edition as Fairy Miracles and a Czech Edition as Milovane Neznosti.

If you are not familiar with Klara’s art and haven’t colored it before you can download free pages from her website here.    These pages have all been featured in her coloring books.

If you are curious about the fairy world that Klara has created you can download and read the Fairy Story by Klara that sets the scene for these coloring books.    The Fairy Story is available in English and Czech from Klara’s site here.  The story is decorated with lovely elements to color like lush blueberries that always feature in the coloring books.

If you want to gain a little bit of insight into the amazing talents of Klara Markova this video of her working on her unique silver jewellery will show you the attention to detail that is in her work and the quirkiness of her world.


Where to Buy Fairy Miracles Coloring Book

Fairy Miracles Coloring Book is due for release on 19 October 2018.      It will first be released on Klara’s store here.     Klara will then ship the books to Amazon US and Amazon UK.   Colorists should bear in mind that the process of obtaining an ISBN for the book, shipping, customs and being logged into Amazon’s inventory can take 4-6 weeks (maybe longer pre-Christmas).

Happy coloring x




About Klára Marková

Klara Markova is a Czech jewellery designer and illustrator.    Her jewellery is created using traditional methods and has a sense of dreaminess and magic about it.   Little fairy houses and fairy bracelets have been created in silver and delicately molded.  There are amulets and crystals that are widely used.    Her jewellery is very indicative of her drawings in her first coloring book.    There are flowers, leaves, crystals and fruit representations that have been recreated into magic rings and fairy bracelets.   This similar imagery  is also in the coloring book and reminds you of her hand crafted jewellery.    An artist that creates jewels like this and lives in a dreamy, magical world  could only reproduce the same in illustrative form.   Her first coloring book, Carovne Lahodnosti (Magical Delights) reflects this magical world of elves, fairies and crystals and other delights.   Like her jewellery this coloring book encompasses a craftsman touch with a high attention to detail.

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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