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Jun 01 2023 - Dec 31 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Horses by vp Color Along

Colors by VP  – Already 2 years since I proposed my very 1st theme

To celebrate this second anniversary,I am relaunching my very 1st theme so dear to my heart: Horses 🐎and I extend it till the end of the year !
I’ve stopped to propose a monthly theme because of one of my old horses which was very very sick this winter. To reassure all of you ,he’s better health now and steady but he needs care daily.
This horse theme doesn’t ask me a lot of time so I’m happy to offer it again and I can’t wait to discover your coloring pages

🐴 Color or draw an image that contains at least one horse,pony,donkey or mule in any situation but you can also join with unicorn or pegasus

🐴 Use any mediums you like , digital colorings are also allowed

🐴 Please no old colorings. Only new ones.

🐴 Tag me so I can share your wonderful entries.
And put the hashtag :

The event is finished.

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