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Jan 01 2023 - Dec 31 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Historical eastern beauty colorful 23

Hello colorist friends, this Coloralong is different from last year because it will be all year round, it will deal with Asian culture (specifically China🇨🇳, Japan and South🇰🇷 Korea) the inspiration was thanks to a very dear friend @iribeglenda who last year made a Coloralong from Japan🇯🇵, the bases are as follows:

🧧January 1 – December 31 23
🧧The illustrations must contain only things referring to China, Japan and South Korea: food, traditional costumes, traditions, Chinese horoscope, sweets, history, geishas, anime, manga, Studio Ghibli, gods, tourist places, flora (cherry trees, almond, plum and lilac), fauna (endemic animals), feng shui, art, zen garden, Buddha, fashion, history, idols, K-Pop, J-Pop, etc.
🧧Enter your illustration in the hashtag #historicaleasternbeautycolorful23 and tag me to see your Asian creations.

The event is finished.

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